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SunnySublime (sunnysublime) wrote in unsent,
@ 2007-02-04 16:16:00
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    (I know this is for unsent letters but i emailed this one.)

    Dear Dad:
    heres your response;

    ill email you the money. just for the record, that leaves me with enough for car ins until the end of the semester, and nothing else. just know that i never asked for it, you forced me to borrow more because you didnt want the basic car repair done. furthermore had i been told, at the age of 25, that i had BELL shares in the bank i would have paid for the car repairs with that, and not be obligated to you in any way. But you only told me about that money, when YOU needed it. Not me.

    so heres your money. just so you know, youve never contributed financially to anything in my life, aside from the car that you will continue to hold over myhead aswell, im sure.

    You paid for nicks rent when he lived in London, child support for nick, you paid for all the years of his hockey, and co-signed for him. Yes you helped me out, but did you really? helping me would have been repairing the car and not asking me to pay you back. Especially when you know its coming out of the little amount of OSAP the government gave me this semester. Until i can get a job or pull a miracle out of my ass, im momentarily screwed. Thanks for being so understanding. Im so sorry that youre so hard done by. You dont know what debt it, you dont know what not having money is. When as, a fulltime student i barely have a nickle to my name. I dont expect you to care, since ive heard you drove nanas car during your college years, lived at home etc.

    Besides, if you're getting $500 BMW driving lessons for your bday, i dont think wendy is having a hard time "carrying you" and youre married, thats what couples do.

    I dont ever want to speak of this again. and i will never be asking you for 'help' again either. Im glad that all you seem to care about in my life, is what you profit from it. And ill bet you $600 that you cant name 5 of my friends, the guy im dating, how many tattoos i have, what my favourite colour is, what my hobbies are, what my rats names Thats the saddest thing about all that you really know nothing about me. seeing as how thats ok with you, its really quite fine with me. ive grown accustomed to the weak conversations we have about "hows school? hows the cats? hows your mom?" and nothing more. cause yknow..thats all there is to me. cats. and school.

    take care dad. i really have nothing more to say, and please dont bother writing back.

    Your money will be in an email.


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