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all alone :( (justsurrender11) wrote in unsent,
@ 2010-02-03 19:24:00
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    Current mood: calm

    Dear whoever you've become,

    Thanks for the text message. 30 days later? You muscled up the paragraph, "Im sorry for how bad I treated you in the past, you never deserved to be treated that way. I hope you've found happiness... You dont have to text me back, I just wanted to let you know. Night." It took 30 days to write that? Granted.. its something, but all the years we worked to build the relationship we had with eachother, you couldnt say, I love you? I miss you? Youre the only one for me? Maybe Im asking for too much here but I honestly dont think I am. I didnt want to text you back because I know if I did, you would've guilted me back into this... and I dont want to be another pawn in your stupid mind games anymore. After a relationship of 6 years, you should've done something right after I told you I was through. You just acted like it never happened and went on with your life like I was never a big part of it. I know you thought I was just over-reacting... that I'd come crawling back... but you were wrong. AND I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. Im a great girlfriend, I was there for you, I went out of my way to show I cared, I loved you.... and now your going to have to settle for less. This is what I've wanted to say since you sent me that text on Saturday, but I'm starting to understand that somethings are better left unsaid and in the past. You are apart of my past now. Congrats. And dont think for a second I dont know about her. Yeah, the stupid little girl you were trying to date when we were together.... that you told me I had no reason to worry. I've seen your comments to her on facebook. Thanks for fueling my fire.

    The girl who wants nothing to do with you

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