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UnimaginedDOOM (unimagineddoom) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 10:11:00
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    Current mood:Tired/Sore
    Current music:COLD - "Just Got Wicked"

    A lot has happened since I last wrote here.
    And it has not been that long since I actually wrote here. It was yesterday! But a lot has transgressed.

    First off, Klippel chopped of the top have of his finger; well the tip. He went right from the top of the finger, down the middle, and off to the right side just below his nail. It completely took off the top off the bone, and fortunately the skin itself was still there. But, they say he has a 50/50 chance of keeping it. They will see in like 12 days.

    Because of that, poor Klippel, I had to get a ride to class, so my dad took me, and I stood in the rain for like 10 minutes while talking to Heather, Monkey, and Shelly. I got sick of that and went inside. Basic class started, and we went out to the pavillion behind the Amenia FireHouse and rolled hose, layed hose, and maneuvered various thing with hose. The whole way talking about pain killers because Klippel, despite being in a lot of pain, showed up to class. He has Vicadin and Codine, someone else had Percocet, there was talk of Oxycotin and Morphine. Plus we were harassing eachother, I made the stupid ass mistake of rolling a hose improperly. I will not get into it.

    So with class over I went home and watched my Third Watch, and slept hard. Had a really good dream however, I was doing roofwork on a structure fire. I know I got that in my head because I was thinking about being an exterior Fire Fighter right before I went to bed. But it was good, I got props afterwards from my piers and my advisors, found out one of my explorers that was there went home because he was extremely tired out, doing the exact same thing as me. Which I found odd because thats an odd thing to stick out in my mind about it. But, if you knew who I was talking about, you would understand.

    So now I am up, finding out that Tyler has run an all out campaign for my election into FounderShip of our region in The Realm of Cynicaly Equal States. I got two supporters other then him. So whoo hoo. Thank you Tyler.

    That's it. It seems like more then it is, oh well.

    Downloaded the new version of AIM, doesnt do shit for me. Did not fix my problem with the font, oh well, for now

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