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a half-empty cup (ungraceful__) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 23:45:00
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    Current music:Serart - Save the Blonde

    [insert title here]
    Wow, today was exciting (except not)... I talked to Lane on the phone intermittently, as well as Jackie, and watched as everyone went to the mall except me... I really hate not being able to leave my house on Fridays sometimes.

    I was home alone for a really long time, so I was gonna walk over to Lane's since nobody would know, but then my grandma came over, not that she would notice if someone blew up the house. But my mom came home a few minutes after Grandma came, so that plan died.

    I basically just stood on the end of my driveway trying to be cool. I was even holding two phones at one point because somebody called me on the other line and invited me to go to Wegmans. I'm pretty sure it was Jason, but the caller never identified themself, and the connection was really bad. Jason and Jake were supposed to be going to Lane's, so I asked the caller about that, and they said they were on thier way... Lane felt insulted because they picked Wegmans over her.

    But hey, then I got to talk to Lane more. I like talking to people on the phone (sometimes), it's a good opportunity to catch up and all that stuff.

    I also made a new screenname: iSTALKbrandonBOY. If you don't get it, you need to read my blog more often... hee. I spent quite awhile making an icon, because the file was just slightly too large, but I finally got it. It amooses me greatly.

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