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Twiggy the Disgruntled Penguin (undeadmercy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 02:55:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music:Fountains of Wayne - Bright Future in Sales

    The Crash That Could've Killed
    Ok so today (well technically yesterday) was just like any other Saturday I've had these past three weeks: get up, go tech at RHCC with Allen, get Starbucks, go to my vocal lesson, and possibly hang out at the brewery (which we didn't do this week, unfortunately). But this week takes a twist.

    "Twiggy got up at around one in the afternoon and got ready, went online and got in her father's car to go to RHCC; and they did. She got there and said "hi" to everyone and saw a really hott guy up in the tech booth; they even shared a moment where they smiled at each other *awww* how cute. Twiggy was asked by her older, married friend Allen to videotape his friend (and her fellow techie) Jasmine through her baptism; shortly after that she went to Starbucks for tea (her throat is just a bit scratchy *cough cough*). When she got back to RHCC her voice teacher was there and she went off to learn some more. Everything went great and she even learned a new song from one of her favorite musicals, "Gypsy".

    Then she left with her father listening to Fountains of Wayne all the way home *sigh* good times. So the whole family was going to go to the Whiskey to see Twiggy's friend's band play, when suddenly disaster struck! *gasp* A black Honda Accord was trying to cross Sunset down to Selma, by the Coconut Teaser and slammed into the upper left of their car. Luckily that was all that happened, thanks to Twiggy's mother who screamed and caused her husband to brake and turn the car way right; if that hadn't been the case, he would have hit their door(s) head on and possibly impaling Twiggy and/or her father. Needless to say they didn't go to the show as they had intended; instead they went home and watched a stupid movie (much to Twiggy's dismay)."

    And that's showbiz...kid! G'night folks!

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