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.make this last forever. (un_noticed) wrote,
@ 2004-08-09 21:22:00
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    Current mood: sick

    my love for u is everlastin

    last sun.- band practice at ajs, nothin sacred is no more, no name or lyrics yet but the music is reli good. it was a smidge awkward for me n v to be with jen the whole day but it was alright.

    last mon.- went to ajs, then v n jay came n we drove around n went out to checkers.

    wed.- ajs 17th bday! yayyy. he came over n i gave him his presents :) he liked them which made me happy. then jay n v came. went back to vs house to wait for jays parents then we went to krome to c finch. the openin bands pretty much sucked lol, me n aj went in for finch, i lost him but i had fun. after we went out to wait for jays parents n it was like a friggin monsoon, we were alredi wet with sweat now we were drenched with rain too, not good.

    thurs.- aj-poo came over. we had fun as usual.he stayed pretty late so we could watch the xgames. fun stuff. i love him<3

    sat.- went to ajs for the day. hah we watch these sports bloppers with surfin, bmxin, dirtbikin n skateboardin. haha the man!.he walks into a fence. "ow". haha drunk old toothless men r hilarious. then jay n v came. n after a while we decided to go eat at johnny bs. then we went mini golfin. hah so much fun. then there was badness :( but after like an hour it was pretty much all better

    sun.- aj got dropped off around 12ish. then we went straight to raceway park. it was pretty crowded. we went to billy talent n just watched, they were awesome.then we went to allister. we were in but not reli. he hated them, party pooper. we left after like 3 songs cuz there was too many irritatin ppl. we watched some skaters n 1 bmxer. this one guy had a fake leg, n he was good too. we listened to some soty. then went over to c matchbook. my huge disappoint for the day. i was so redi to kick some ass n shit n then they come out n do an acoustic version cuz the guitarist was sick. fukin horrible. we left durin the 1st song. we got some food n sat in the bleachers. we walked around, so some peeps. i saw jefferz!! lol n the johnny. cool stuff. we saw some sugarcult n some boys night out. then we went to c avenged sevenfold, they r awesome. white maked up n purple hair. i love it lol. we tried to listen to some tbs, but they pretty much sucked. so many bands r becomin overrated n overplayed, it sucks. we listened to yellowcard then just sat under the bleachers n talked. then we watched floggin molly, hah they rock. then we walked over to wait for my mom. gr it took an hour for her to get to us. i got her to get us some wendys then we drove him home. got home at like 1130ish. it wasnt as great as i hoped but i still had fun bein with the only person i ever like bein with for so long. :) i love u aj. u rock!

    today- me n manda had quite a chat in the mornin lol. this thurs. is my last day with preppys, n some tipage. n next fri. n the last day of camp n with frosh 2, imma miss my kids. they rock. "whos your 1st best friend?'-jen "gillian"-alexis... hell yea lol. but id have to say the quote of the day is "how many boobies do u have"-halle. hah thats hilarious. 2/3year olds r hilarious. im done

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