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Melissa (uknowuloveme90) wrote,
@ 2005-01-25 16:07:00
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    so i woke up got dressed and listened to my i pod to some of the cd's of carley's i put in my itunes. they were so cute!!! and then i missed my bus...:'( n my mommmy drove me and we kept on screaming at the cars. and then we strted screaming at eachother because she had the heat on but it was really cold. and hten she randomly goes "haha....melissa that was the AC..." and yea my mom is a smart then i got to school and maura was there we were late..haah but my teacher didnt care. thennnnn we chose courses and stacey and i kept bitching and saying "UM WE RNT GOING HERE NEXT YEAR!!!!!!" haha it was funny. then we had megan!!!! it was so quiet!! but in a super bad way!!!! o well...:'( megan i hope you have fun in specialty sports with the boys. miss ya gurlie!!! so in health i sit wiht maura we have asigned seats!! and there is this new gurl elise.but liek some ppl know her. but o wlel she is cool we then after this i had us hsitory carley was sick so she wasnt there. n we watched a movie...then dance we learned more of that dance so tiring but fun. then geometry we got new seats. haah that class is hiklarious. and steven n i are once again reunited!!! haha he kept ddpullign my chair back closer to his desk cuz he knows it pisses me off. so then i had science it was okay...nt hen i went home did all my homeowrk and now i'm sitting around...ugh...

    i like it like that,

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