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lexie (uhlexis) wrote,
@ 2004-02-12 02:45:00
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    Current mood: loved

    SHAWN: so you ever gonna like me again??
    ME: like you, how?
    ME: cause i do like you!
    SHAWN: i know you like me,but do you LIKE ME LIKE ME??
    SHAWN: do you get it??
    ME: i like like ray! but he has a gf =/ so me liking like you has potential!
    ME: lol yes.
    SHAWN: so you saying theres a chance??
    ME: maybe!
    SHAWN: ok
    ME: but at the moment, i really like ray <3
    SHAWN: no problem
    SHAWN: i understand
    ME: aww, good ;]
    SHAWN: im not saying now ,i mean when ever you want im here if you stillw wanna give me a chance in the future.

    RAY: haha <3
    RAY: i REALLY like you too, lex.
    RAY: just give me a minute.
    RAY: i'll come along eventually.
    ME: okay.
    ME: <3
    RAY: don't lose hope in me, yetr!
    RAY: -r
    ME: haha, i wont ;D

    i showed the conversation with me and shawn to ray. because i really like ray and well, i never told him i really liked him? i mean, we always say i <3 you! or i love you! but i guess its always in a joking manor. so it was my way of telling him that i really do like him!.. a lot. and im really happy with what he said back.<3 anyway, a lot of shit has gone down lately, but im not even gonna update about it cause its all pointless, so ima start off new now! and maybe ill start updating more often. but i think i might be moving to lj, cause thats where ray is at, and well, i wanna be on his friends list so i can read his journal XD.

    `Alexis <3

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