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Tyler Pistol (tylerpistol) wrote,
@ 2003-06-15 13:15:00
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    Current music:Randy "Welfare Problems" LP

    "Hands up, who likes me?"
    I woke up again last night, and couldn't remember what day today was going to be. Everything kind of blurs together when you don't work, or have a schedule. My week is defined by what day my physiotherapist comes to see me, and what day Santropol Roulant has something good I want to order for my meals on wheels. Last Tuesday I was convinced it was Monday because I spent the night before watching movies wiht my Sunday friends. It's all so confusing.

    Last night I watched a rerun of the first episode of Canadian Idol. It's interesting to see how different the show is from the American version. The competitors are definitely more Canadian thus far, and the judges seem better. I think the lack of slickness is good, too. The host is the son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and he looks a lot like him, which is freaky. The Winnipeggers who auditioned were very Winnipeg...clothes about three years out of style, and a lot of Le Chateau wear.

    This morning I kept up my Sunday tradition of listening to vintage Christian Rock records all morning long. I've managed to lose interest in the majority of the dorky Christian rock I liked in years gone by, but a lot of it is still really good by any standard...see "Shaded Pain" by L.S.U. to see what I mean...

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