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Jessi (twistedjess) wrote,
@ 2004-07-05 11:20:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:Van Helsing game sound effects

    saturdays events...^_^
    heh, saturday was fun...i woke up at like 10.30-11 and came down stairs and fucked around online for a little while before sev went to dave's house. then i played the champions of norrath for like the rest of the after noon until about 7.30pm, lol. that game is addictive. heh, my character is bad ass lol. heheheheeee....well anyway, talked to sev on the phone for a while then hung up to play some more ^_^. mum came home from the Women's Open and was a very happy panda. she had been outside all day and she was so fried on her shoulders lol. well, she started cooking ribs and stuff and then was all "hey, call steve and have him come over and we'll light off fireworks." i was all happy, but then i couldn't find him to tell him. eventually, we got ahold of him and then we got him around like 9.30. we went to lynne's house and swam and hung aound for a while, until 1.30 then we brought sev home. my mum kept telling me how greta sev was for me and she also told sev, when he was driving himself home, mind you, lol, that " You know, i'm a little wigged out from my daughter dating, but you are a great guy and you are perfect for her. i love you stephen....blah blah..." lol. she really likes him too. and before we even got him, she said to me, "You know, i wouldn't mind you spending the rest of your life with him." i said "me too....i love him...*smiles*" lol. so sev is very welcome in my family, hell, even my grandmother loves him and says how sweet and kind and polite he is. lol. if only they knew the real stephen...LOL. so i finally went to bed at like 2.30 after dropping sev off home. mmm...he let me borrow his huge sweater, so thats what i slept in. smells so good....i love sev...yes i do, lol. later all....cheers!


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