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Jessi (twistedjess) wrote,
@ 2004-07-03 11:41:00
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    Current mood: amused

    learning to fly...
    yesturday was amazing...

    i was woken up by my crazy mum this morning and she was in a fantastically good mood, lol. she messed around with the dog on my bed to wake me up, lol. crazy woman.... anyway i got up and took a shower and stuff to get ready for my learners permit quizy thingy. we left about 9.30 and we had to stop at an atm machine. i got out in downtown springfield to get to the fleet bank where the atm was. i walked inside and took off me shades and the guy in front of my looked at me for like, a second and started spazing the fuck out. it was so fucking funny i can't even tell you! he started pacing and kept turning around to look at me as if i were to pull a gun outof my bra or something *laughs* oh my goddess it was so funny! well i got back into the truck to tell mum about it and she laughed. well...we eventually made it to the RMV and i filled out a yellow pice of paper and wait for my number to be called: C409, heh, i remember it because the damn person over the intercom kept calling C408 and i got up to go like three times before realizing it was 08 they were calling not 09. lol. finally got there and gave the lady clerk person money and my birthcertificate and stuff. then she took my picture (oh my god! it is SOOOOO bad lol! my face is so long it take sup most of the box!) and then off to take the test i went. 20 questions that stop at 14 correct. OH MY GODDESS! its was SO fucking easy i can't beleive i even took the time to read the book from online on thursday! lol. it was all common sense, and if oyu just watched other people driving you would pass with flying colours, lol. well, got my permit and left at 10.45. went to lunch at burgerkig ( and i came home to wait for my big brother rob to call me. sev called and told me about how he got his licsence!!! yay sev! i'm so proud of him, lol. well, i had to get off with him so that i could change into hiking clothes (shorts and a disturbed teeshirt, lol) and wait for rob.

    rob came to pick me up at like 12.30 and off we went to baremountain! it took a while to get their because of the women's open traffic, so we just talked. i asked him to formally handfast myself and someone else when the time came, and he siad of course and was so pleased about it. we talked aboutt hat for a long while thentalked about the coven. we got to baremountain about 1.20-1.30 and climbed up 1,820 feet, or something like that. it was alot of fun and i can't beleive how out of shape i am lol. we never rested, but i still huffed and puffed a little bit on the way up, but maybe that was because i decided i wanted to carry the pack with three huge waterbottles and cheese nips, lol. wehn we got to the top, i couldn't believe how beautiful it was. i mean, the wind was blowing lightly and it was clear and sunny. i wish i could explain it, but its worthless, because words can't even begin to describe it. i mean, the horizon was all mountains smoothly layered with a soft fog. the sky was an intinate blue and the hight was so entreging. it made you want to learn to fly. dragons runway was beautiful and everything was so intricate, i eman, you noticed every detail of the sound of the air and the smell of rock, soil and wood. it was priceless. rob took off his shirt (the lucky bastard, but he got burnt so baddly he couldn't wear his shirt, so he deserved it, mwahahahahaaa!) and i roled up my shirt as high as i could. it was great. the rocks were hot and the air was cool. we meditated and talked about everything, like we always do. this one hawk with a white splotch on his wing kept going by us, eventually 5 others came to watch us and talk to us. they circled us and then left, but the white splotched one kept coming by. i asked that if he flew over my head, i mean right over my head, i could die a happy person. he did it, twice even. the first time not so much, but when i was salone, he came by again, about 10 above my head he flew right over me. i wanted to just stop living and rewind it to live it over and over. awesome, it was totally awesome.after that it felt like about 4.30-4.45 so we thanked each element (cause they were already there in the natural circle) and then the god and goddess and blessed the cakes and ale ( a huge cheese nip with four squares stuck together, and two crubled up peanutbutter cookies and arizona blueberry tea) and gave part to the mountain and then half to us. the ale decided to get blessed by the mountain before we had finished blessing the food,because neither of us had touched it and it fell out of the little nook it was in and roled down the cliff. rob went and retrieved it after scaling down several jagged rocks to find it in a bed of evergreens. it was so funny. we ate and drank and thanked everything once again and went down the mountain, which was faster, but not easy lol.

    we got in the car and went to sarah's house ofr a cook out. (sarah is the high priestess of the coven)rob and i talked about my wiccaning (a dedication to the craft and to the gods, like a rebirth and an inniciation), oh i can't wait. we went to sarahs at 7.00 and ate stake and burgers to later go and pick dj up and then come back just to get in the car to go see the chicoppee fireworks. they were okay, i really missed sev though. i really just wanted to lay on the grass with him and watch the display. *sigh* but it was okay, i was with close friends and family. (not real family mind you, lol) then we went back to sarah's house screaming out the windows "FUCK BUSH!" and "FUCK AMERICA!" while blasting Korn and Static-X and moshing in the car, lol. it was awesome lol. then they brought me home because i had to be home for like 11-11.30 so i couldn't stay for the full moon ritual, which really sucked! well, i came home and talked to sev on the phone until 12.15 and then crashed. lol. what a day it was....cheers all....


    love you sev!

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