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Bekka (twistedhate) wrote,
@ 2003-05-01 19:12:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:"Imaginary" Evanesence


    Today lets see....

    Homeroom: Boring... Mr. Bigs is lame... he thinks he is funny... he's not

    Reading: Well, y/d Ms. Moore took us "outside to beat us in the woods" lol but really it was a Easter egg hunt being a good class and today.... boring as usual... had a spelling test... i think i did well.

    Social Studies: Mr. Cooper talked his head off. It was cool tho... he likes to go through the newpaper and read current stuff. I like it....

    Language: BORING... ofcourse so much work because its dumb Mr. Bigs class... he needs to die... so does Omar, he was being a hole today and I told him to go to hell really loud... everyone stopped what they was doing and went "ohhh" It was dumb tho.. i didn't get in any trouble, Mr. Bigbys always on my side to wha I say to Omar

    Lunch: I cryed... Me and Deanna a confrentation (i dont want to call it a fight) every guy likes her and im sorta jealous about it so she was mad at me, she said she wasnt but i know she was.

    Math: I got my test back today... God it made me so happy... I got a 102%... eek. yay. I did so good... I'm very proud of myself.

    Science: We had a chapter 15 test.. i think I did ok... hopefully

    P.E. : Well ya I got out with Ernesto and this girl all likes him and is mad at me because I'm with him and shes not... so shes making up all these lies to make us brake up with each other... not gonna work... nope

    Math Skills: Lame....

    Before second bus load in Mrs. L's class: Me and Ernesto are talking now... we haven't really talked since we started going out but now we are yay.. i think we can really be good together, god i sure hope. We hugged today lol for the first time since we been going out which has been like two weeks. he was all like "Ya, Ernesto wants a hug" and ashley was like "AWWW!!!! yall are so incredably cute" lol... i love it... i love him... but i dont think the feelings mutual... maybe tho?

    Flag Practice: Ya im in flags and its really fun but hard! i love it but it takes so much work and dedication... but i can do it..... hopefully

    well that was my day.... im sic so im gonna go and like lay down or drink something... plus its like all thurdering and stuff... dont want to get like shocked being on the cpu ya know? bye


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