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Bekka (twistedhate) wrote,
@ 2003-04-18 04:28:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:Disposable Teens -- Marilyn Manson

    hey therez
    Hey there, I am feeling kinda depressed right now, I donno why but I just am. I wrote two poems last night, they suck but its ok. well, here they are...
    It's the only way,
    To get away
    Away from this world I'm in
    Everything I seem to do is a sin
    I'm always the one to blame
    When really, you started this game
    You're the one who ruined my life,
    You caused me to hold the knife
    And in the end when I'm dead,
    I'll find you, and screw with your head
    I will murder your mind
    Turst me, I won't be kind.

    ya the other one i will post a little later, I dont feel like typing it up right now my hands hurt because I am typing so freaking much. but ya any ways.... I found this really good web site to SIers, if you would like the web address comment and I will tell you. Yup, its actually kinda depressing. tear.... if any one reading this would like to talk to me you can IM me on Chick 182 Freak ya lame I know i have many other screennames but i just cant seem to get away from this one... it was my first ever... im kinda like those people who never throw any thing away b/c everything has some sorta meaning. tonight is my broters prom well actually his girl friends. he is graduated, his girls a junior and hes going with her. I like his old girl friend better, megan (his new one) doesnt seem to like to talk to me or my sis or even mom or dad but andrea (his old one) always did, she was very sweet of course until my bro broke up with her then she became kinda spooky i think we have a restaining order agianst her lol. dang this is a long entry i guess ill stop now.... Bekka*

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