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Bekka (twistedhate) wrote,
@ 2003-02-27 20:04:00
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    Current mood: curious
    Current music:"Perfect"-- Simple Plan

    305 things you may wanna know about.. me! tee hee
    [01] what's your first name? Rebekah
    [02] middle name? Leigh-Ann eww eh?
    [03] last name? Chavez
    [04] nickname? Bekerz, Bekka, Fuck you, Move bitch, and my fave. Ya come say that to my face!
    [05] age? Um, 13
    [06] gender? Female
    [07] birthday? 8/24/89
    [08] your sign? Virgo
    [09] where do you live? Ga
    [10] do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope not no more
    [11] if so what's her/his name? um it was Stephen but ya know fuck him
    [12] have you ever been in love? Yes, with the guy stated above
    [13] who are/were your crushes? Um no one
    [14] do you have any piercings, or want any piercings? Yes
    [15] if so what do you have/want pierced? My ears pieced 4 times 2 on each and im getting more, I have had bout everything home pierced tho..
    [16] do you have a tattoo or want one? Yes
    [17] if so what kind and where? A star on the back of my neck
    [18] where do you shop at the most? Any place with clothing really
    [19] What color is your hair? Black
    [20] what color is your eye color? Brown
    [21] how tall are you? 5’3 and 1 4th of an inch tee hee thank you!
    [23] do you smoke? Nope
    [24] do your friends smoke? Some do
    [25] who are your closest friends? Um, bb and Deanna
    [26] who are your friends? Everyone…I don’t hate anybody... and they are my friend until proven otherwise…
    [27] who are your best friends online? Well…I have too many…
    [28] do you like bath & body works? Ya, I like to do those things at the sink and make my hands all soft and use all the good smelling lotion but I never buy ne thing
    [29] kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Any kind really
    [30] is your hair short or long? Short, it used to spike in the back but its grown a lil
    [31] do you like to shop? Yep when I have money…which I don’t currently.
    [32] what sports do you play? Don’t like sports
    [33] what turns you on? Donno really it depends, oo gay guys turn me on!
    [34] what turns you off? Lebos!
    [35] what place do you go for fun? My room, ya I talk on the phone! Not ne thing else
    [36] what do you do for fun? Donno
    [37] how many phones do you have in your house? 3
    [38] how many tv's do you have in your house? 4
    [39] what's your favorite food(s)? Mexican
    [40] do you look like anyone famous? no
    [41] do you think ricky martin is muy guapo (very handsome)? Uh no.
    [42] who are the most attractive people you know? donno
    [43] are you a virgin? Yes!
    [44] do you wish to be like your parents? no
    [45] what cologne should a hot guy wear? Axe body spray
    [46] what are you listening to right now? nuthin
    [48] how many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? Not much lately since im grounded
    [49] do you have your own phone line? Nope…I wish.
    [50] have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Um ya
    [51] what are your favorite shoes? All star converses
    [52] what kind of clothes do you sleep in? what I wore that day.
    [53] what's your favorite soda? Root beer
    [54] what things do you say a lot? Dude and um, fuck
    [56] who is the coolest person in the world? Um donno
    [57] do you think you're weird or funny? Um I donno
    [58] what would you prefer thong or bikini? thong
    [59] who was the last person you called? Stephen like 3 days ago.
    [60] where do you wanna get married? donno
    [61] who is the hottest girl/guy in your school? Um, donno gosh I donno a lot of things!
    [62] what are your favorite girl names? Donno, see there we go agian
    [63] what are your favorite guy names? Kamron
    [64] what's your worst memory in the past 5 years? All the deaths in my family
    [65] what's your favorite childhood memory? Um, being a tomboy, it was fun
    [66] what is your favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bell
    [67] who do you really hate? u
    [68] do you have any brothers and sisters? 1 bro 1 sis
    [69] if so, names? James, and Jessica
    [70] do you have a pool? No. I’d like one though...
    [71] Do you have a spa? Nope.
    [72] Are you stupid? Yes i think I am most other people say im not tho
    [73] what are you addicted to? Um, donno, safety pins I like them a lot I can’t have enough of ‘em
    [74] do you like jewelry? Not really, unless its something like chunky spiky things ya know? Not sparkles n shit.
    [75] Who do you wish you were? Anyone else really.
    [76] Who has it easier, boys or girls? Guys, they don’t have monthly probs or pregnancy or ne thing like that
    [77] would you rather be short or tall? Eh... I don’t know for sure, tall is nice, shorts cute tho, maybe medium
    [78] do you like to dance? No, I like mosh pits tho
    [79] do you like playing pranks on people? Yes
    [80] what’s your least favorite subject in school? Math
    [81] what’s your favorite subject in school? Science or literature.
    [82] What time is it? 6:57
    [83] what college do you wanna go to? Donno
    [84] what school do you go to now? CMS
    [85] do you have a playstation or nintendo 64? Well sorta, they are my bros, but they are in the house
    [85] if so, what are your favorite games? Donno I cant really play nuthin of his
    [87] do you sleep a lot? No I hate sleep
    [88] What are your favorite radio stations? 96.7 but sometimes it sucks
    [90] are you a morning person? Um that would sooooo be a no!
    [91] What's your favorite tv station? Donno really
    [92] Do you wear nail polish? Ya, black
    [93] How often do you shower? Every morning..
    [94] do you get along with your parents? My mom mostly..sometimes…never..arg.
    [95] what room do you spend the most time in? mine.
    [96] how many rooms does your house have? 3 bed rooms
    [97] what do you wanna be when you're out of school? Donno don’t really care
    [98] do you curse a lot? Wyes, not near my mom or dad or family or anything
    [99] are you ticklish? Yes any touching my slightly tickles lol
    [100] how would you like your future husband to propose? Donno really
    [101] what are you wearing right now? Red plaid pants and a clowns will eat my t-shirt
    [102] do you go to church? No, churches are evil
    [103] do you like the person who sent you this? Um, no one sent it to me really
    [104] do you believe in god? Um ya I guess, but its hard to a lot of the times tho
    [105] do you like to watch pda's? WTF?
    [106] do you show pda? WTF?
    [107] do you believe in love at first sight? No, how can u love someone w/out even knowing them?
    [108] what color tooth brush do you use? green
    [109] how many times a day do you brush your teeth? Twice a day
    [110] who is your favorite cartoon character? Um, donno anyone really from invader zim
    [111] do you have a job? No, too young
    [112] Where do you work? nowheres
    [113] what's your favorite fruit?Um green apples
    [114] what's your favorite veggies? carrot
    [115] what's your favorite candy? Hmmmmm gummi bears AND pixie sticks.
    [116] what was the best day of your life so far? I don’t really have one
    [117] what are you gonna do today? Be depressed
    [118] are you momma's little angel? Not at all.
    [119] do you wear body spray? yep
    [120] who is the sweetest girl? deanna
    [121] who is the sweetest guy?rathur
    [122] are you wearing nail polish now? Yup
    [123] if so, what color? black
    [124] how many rings or necklaces do you own? Donno really
    [125] do you wear a watch? no
    [126] did/do you have braces? Nope
    [127] are you tired? sorta
    [129] do you have freckles? Yes, across my nose
    [130] what are you thinking right now? arthur
    [131] are you having fun? I guess
    [132] what time is it? 7:18
    [133] who makes you laugh? Arthur and deanna
    [134] who's your favorite teacher? Um, don’t know don’t care really
    [137] what is your favorite dream? When I saw a bear with a clown suit on walking though the forest with balloons in his hands, it was odd, lol
    [138] what is your worst dream? When my daddy shrunk it was freaky
    [139] are you tired of filling this out yet? Uh..I might as well NOT be cause I got six more just like this to go.
    [140] who of your friends do you think will get bored with this? All of them
    [141] who sent this lovely survey to you? Robin from SPA
    [142] what's your worst memory as a little kid? Fighting.
    [141] Have you ever cheated on anyone/been cheated on? No not as far as I know
    [144] do you believe in santa claus? Naw, but if my mom and dad thinks I do I keep getting gifts
    [145] do you believe in ghosts? A lil

    what's better? Choose one or neither

    [146] rap or r&b? neither
    [147] pop or rock? rock
    [148] rock or metal? metal
    [149] classical or jazz? neither
    [150] hanson or manson? Manson…definitely.
    [151] koRn or 311? KoRn of course!
    [152] no doubt or garbage? Neither really
    [153] jewel or fiona apple? Um neither
    [154] offspring or nine inch nails? NIN
    [155] sugar ray or tool? Tool.
    [156] backstreet boys or *nsync? Well I think they should both die
    [157] joey mcintyre or jordan knight? neither

    your opinions

    [158] what do you think about boy bands? They should eat crap and die
    [159] what do you think about country? ew
    [160] what do you think about heavy metal? Love it!
    [161] what do you think about rap? Awful, but some is funny
    [162] what do you think about r&b? ew..
    [163] do you think nkotb are coming back? I hope to hell not!

    ya or naw or eh

    [164] like Hanson? naw
    [165] like *Nsync? naw
    [166] like Backstreet Boys? Naw
    [167] like Korn? ya
    [168] like Orgy? ya
    [169] like Sugar ray? naw
    [170] like Metalica? ya
    [171] like No doubt? naw
    [172] like Britney Spears? naw
    [173] like Saves The Day? ya
    [174] like Dashboard Confessional? Eh, ya
    [175] like MxPx? Ya, course
    [176] like Nine Inch Nails? ya
    [177] like Busta Rhymes? naw
    [178] like the Offspring? naw
    [179] like Shakira? naw.
    [180] like Nelly Furtado? naw
    [181] like Ludacris? Naw, he songs are funny tho
    [182] like Janet Jackson? naw
    [183] like Nickelback? naw
    [184] like Puddle Of Mudd? naw
    [185] like Coldplay? ya
    [186] like Lil Bow Wow? naw
    [187] like DMX? naw
    [188] like Twisted Sister? Huh?
    [189] like Misfits? naw
    [190] like ICP? ya
    [191] like Dixie Chicks? naw
    [192] like Mariah Carey? Naw
    [193] like Joe? Naw
    [194] like Hoobastank? eh
    [195] like Eminem? ya
    [196] like Shania Twain? naw
    [197] like Ja-Rule? Eh, naw
    [198] like Jay-Z? naw
    [200] like Blues Traveler? Huh?
    [201] like Barenaked Ladies? naw
    [202] like Incubus? ya
    [203] like Green Day? ya
    [203 MORE] like Limp Bizkit? Naw
    [203a] do you like the Beatles? Hell ya
    [203b] do you like The Deftones? ya
    [203c] do you like the Strokes? naw
    [203d] do you like Queen? naw
    [203e] do you like Elton John? naw
    [203f] do you like Further Seems Forever? Huh?
    [203g] do you like Depeche Mode? Huh?
    [204] how many cd's do you have? Donno, none of them are good tho
    [205] what cd's are in your cd player? Blink 182
    [206] how many tapes do you have? Not many
    [207] do you own videos of your favorite group? no
    [208] do you record your favorite group when they're on tv? naw
    [209] are you obbsessed with your favorite group/singer/band? naw
    [210] what's the oldest group/singer you are still listening to? Beatles
    [212] what do you think of the girls and the whole teeny bopper thing? ew.
    [213] have you ever paid for a pay-per-view? No
    [215] do you ever buy merchandise of your favorite group? Naw only c.d.s but not shirts or ne thing
    [216] what tv station is better... mtv or vh1? Mtv sometimes when it isn’t hip hop week actually for mtv every week is hip hop week!
    [217] what is the worst show on mtv? TRL
    [218] what is the best show on mtv? Um, donno
    [219] if you could marry any music person who would it be? Marilyn Manson
    [220] what is the worst cd you own? Avril L.
    [221] what's your favorite movie soundtrack? donno.
    [222] friend(s) that looks most like you? none
    [223] friend(s) you go to for advice? Deanna
    [224] friend(s) you have the most fun with? DeAnna
    [225] friend(s) you can do nothing with and still have fun with? Um, DeAnna lol
    [226] friend(s) you've dreamt about? None of ‘em really
    [228] friend(s) you tell your secrets to? BB and DeAnna
    [230] long or short hair? Short.
    [231] dark or blonde? dark
    [232] tall or short? medium
    [234] mr. sensitive or mr. funny? Both.
    [236] dark or light eyes? light
    [237] hat or no hat? beanie
    [238] ears pierced or no? yep
    [239] tan or fair? Pale skin is nice
    [240] freckles or none? Don’t really matter
    [241] smoke or no smoking? Don’t matter, smokers are usually hott tho
    [242] rugged outdoorsy type or sportsy type? neither
    [243] all american, homey g, or grunge? Hum, grunge
    [245] accent or american? american
    [246] mt. dew or surge? Mt. dew
    [247] mcdonalds or burger king? Burger king
    [248] coke or pepsi? DIET Coke
    [249] rather marry the perfect lover or perfect friend? combination of both
    [250] sweet or sour? sour
    [251] chocolate or vanilla? Vanillia…do you know that’s the number one male turn on?? Wow..
    [252] tea or coffee? coffee
    [253] sappy/action/comedy/horror? comedy
    [254] cats or dogs? Cats, I love them
    [256] cool ranch or nacho cheese? Mmmmmmm cheese!
    [257] mud or jello wrestling? Mud
    [258] with or without ice-cubes? with
    [260] milk/dark/white chocolate? Milk
    [261] rain or shine? rain
    [262] top or bottom?
    [263] favorite season? Winter
    [264] strawberry or cherry? Cherry
    [265] skiing or boarding? boarding
    [267] cake or cookies? neither
    [268] cereal or toast? Toast, with grape jelly on it
    [269] car or truck? car
    [270] night or day? night
    [271] gloves or mittens? Mittens!!
    [272] pager or cell phone? cell phone
    [273] bunk bed or waterbed? waterbed
    [274] chewing gum or hard candy? gum
    [275] motor boat or canoe? canoe
    [276] lights on or off? off

    what's your favorite?

    [277] what's your favorite color? Black
    [278] what's your favorite number? 13
    [279] what's your favorite drink? Mt. Dew
    [280] what's your favorite animal? Penguin
    [281] what's your favorite holiday? St. Patty’s day
    [282] what's your favorite quote? "Such amusing fiction, these stories they tell. It always comes to this. If they really had a desire to live, they would've been more aware of how easy it is to die, would've chosen their actions more wisely. In these moments, you can tell they're not regretting having hurt you. They regret doing it to your face."
    [283] what's your favorite sound? music
    [284] what's your favorite ice cream flavor? I like sherbet or ice
    [285] what's your favorite song ever? donno any boxcarracer song really
    [286] what's your favorite book? Hmmm, Define Normal
    [287] what's your favorite movie? Just Married, its funny
    [288] what's your favorite tv show? Invader Zim
    [289] what's your favorite radio station? 96.7 the buzz
    [290] what's your favorite place? Anywhere with Arthur Deanna or any close friend like them
    [291] what's your favorite game? Donno!
    [292] what's your favorite scent? Um, ne thing that smells good I guess
    [293] what's your favorite food? Mexican
    [294] what's your favorite shape? Hmm..??
    [295] what's your favorite texture? Smooth, maybe fuzzy lol
    [296] what's your house gonna look like? Like an apartment
    [298] how many kids do you want? How ever many I accidentally have
    [299] what does your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend look like? Thin, pale, dark hair, light eyes and gothic look, omg that’s Arthur scary!
    [300] how do they act? idioticly
    [301] where is your dream date? Um, I don’t really know
    [302] do you like to call or be called? Be called
    [304] move anywhere, where would it be? Anywhere but here!!!!
    [305] what time is it now? 7:53

    wow thats alot, i bet no one gets this far lol

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