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MissConfusedSocialChica Turning Anti-social (twistdconfusion) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 22:59:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:OMG OMG my mind Screaming!!!

    Why why what is going on in my head right now???? I cant blieve that happened!! I will NOT explain this in any detail but that someone knows!! It was different and weird but relaxed and cool I guess but why and what am I thinking?? This is a moment where hinse the screen name I am confused!! GGGGRRRR

    It is funny lately I have been thinking about the Chris's~ GRRR I dont think its a good thing either!!! But there are so many of them and memories and things that happened and come and go!! Why is life so confusing??? And why dont I have a grip on anything or understanding??? HUH HUH!!! Help someone.

    Why I never seem to talk much in here about what is REALLY on my mind b/c I lack the necessary time that it involves!! I just wish I didnt work and money hit me in the face literally and it was MINE!! My Precious!! LOL That movie was funny. Lord of the Rings, Return of the Kings!!! Thanks Jenna for letting me come along!! And happy to see that guy there!! The ONLY guy I cant speak to!! WHY WHY Is that???

    Why grr it doesnt feel like Christmas at all!! I seem to work all the time, have not a dime to show for it!! NO MONEY at all in my name left and I barely had enough for gifts for just my mom, dad, and brother! How sad is that?!! Im sad!! I wish my family wasnt this tight. I will need to work as I am not in the mood or wanting it. I am getting depressed!!! I HATE THIS LIFE!! No body understands!!! FREE ME FREE ME

    Grr now I am going to dream about HIM why why!! Is that good or bad??? NO NO I shouldnt and cant!! GRRR Oh well I need to go to Malibu!! I need to see them again!! But how and Gaberz and Tony arent around to hit a sista up with a DD!! GRRR get back soon. I hope for New Years!!! 4 parties so far!!! Malibu, NC, Best Western at Beach with that Chris guy we met Saturday and some of his friends, and Ren's near ODU!!! And who knows where else for now!!!

    Well toodles for now LOL I need to sleep!! LOL more sometime but I dont know when as I party all weekend!! LOL LOL LOL LOL hehe!!

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