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MissConfusedSocialChica Turning Anti-social (twistdconfusion) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 01:16:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:504 Boyz - I Can Tell U Want to Fuck

    LOL why am I so horny?? I dont know why I am! I have been a good girl lately! Man I was talking with my parents tonight about family and kids and was talking about how I dont want kids or marriage in todays generation and my mom mentioned something about getting on birth control saying well if your going to be doing it you should be on it! Does that mean they just care about me or does it also mean they KNOW I have had sex before?? I know I have of course and I figure that maybe they know too. I know an Ex has mentioned that his mom has talked to my mom about it. His mom knew we were doing it. I just dont know why I cant talk to them about it. It seems like even one day my dad mentioned something like on the line of knowing I go out with guys or sleep over at guys houses and im like WTF but its like he was saying be safe. Of course I am going to do that. But why cant I talk to them about that subject? I guess b/c the times have changed and I am totally different then them I guess. I like it and would admitt it to anyone else but mom and dad!! I guess cuz I am their daughter like I could possiblely go up to them and say hey I have sex all the time! I just cant do it but I want to tell them if that makes any sense. My life is so far the same as theirs were when they were my age. My mom graduated from high school and got married and then a month later got pregnant so that was it for her and then a couple years later had another kid so she was young. I dont want kids and not at this age. I want to be different from all the females on my moms side of the family at least, all had kids before 19 years old. And my niece just had a baby and shes only 17 well now 18 i think. Too sad. I think I have been lucky thou. But the guys these days all just think about sex. Well I have a plan for one guy!! He is going to get it for being a big ass player/Pimp!! Oh Stacey knows who I am talking about! Its going to be great. But I hope it actually teaches him a lesson if not FUCK him!! Shitless dude! but so likeable! hehe good times with him. I want more than sex in a relationship. Everyone around me is hooking up but i have noticed that they are all ugly people and Im not going to hook up with someone just to be with someone. Hell No I need respect and I have high standards now. I am not going to take crap from anyone and it looks like I have to be bitchy a little now b/c im not going to get fucked over with bullshit anymore. And I will see through the guy and leave him in a heartbeat if I feel the need to do so. Im afraid to comment b/c I know I will get hurt and why not save the pain and dont fall for him??

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