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fuu (twinklefish) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 02:05:00
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    Current mood:Agitated.

    There's this girl who sits next to me in math class. She's (unnatural) blonde, preppy, and is forced to be my partner.

    Now if you think that I'm being all stereotypical and using labels to determine peoples' personalities and crap, you're actually wrong. In fact, I wouldn't give a fuck whether or not if she was blonde and/or preppy if she weren't so obnoxiously idiotic.

    Here I am, sitting happy and alone, much to my teacher's chagrin when *she* walks in. That's when I knew I was about to be forced into something I dislike. I was sadly correct. She dumps her stuff next to her new desk and sits down, chewing her gum like cud. It not only *sounded* like she was chewing cud, but it looked like it too, so I dubbed her "The Cow". Immature? Without a doubt, but that's beside the point. So anyway, The Cow sits down and acts like she owns the place or something. Some guy asked why she had to transfer classes and the best translation I can get for you is "I was too stupid for geometry". I was probably thinking something along the lines of "You're probably too stupid for anything", but I restrained myself from jumping to conclusions. Sorta.

    Then we were down in the computer lab and she and one of her friends, another too-stupid-for-geometry refugee, were having some of the most moronic conversations imaginable. I didn't know such stupid conversations were possible. The Cow insists on using "fuck" and "fag/got" after every other word. It gets old fast, but here she goes rolling her mouth in perpetual motion. I was ready to strike her face to be honest. After the conversation, she makes it clear that everyone is lower than her and that she's like the damn queen or something. Oh, and also from my unwanted eavesdroppings, I've learned that she enjoys getting drunk and other "pivotal" events that occur in her life. The "getting drunk" part actually explains a lot considering she was dumb enough to do it while her mom was home for Chrissake.

    Did I menton she's incompetent and intends to do nothing besides screw around with her friends making merry about others when they're right there practically?

    Blah. The people I meet; the people I'm forced to sit next to in math class.

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