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asaki yume mishi (tsugiri) wrote,
@ 2003-03-29 01:18:00
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    Current mood:giddy
    Current music:Plastic Tree - ekitai

    waii, I have been lazy...
    my internet is such crap that I haven't really updated lately... ^^;;; I think I'm make this journal public... what the hell, right?

    Well, I just got back from nene's house, where I spent the past 3 days. She lives 2 hours away, which isn't too bad, I guess... to rural people like her, neighbors might live a few miles away... city kids like me can't grasp the bigness of the country. Frankly, it creeps me out. Me, Nene, and her older brother went joyriding through farm country... I had my head out the window pointing at animals like I was on safari. "Look, is that a real vulture?? They have those at the zoo!!"

    It was a lot of fun. Her 3 brothers loved me... the ten year old was always blowing me kisses and trying to give me presents. I ate actual meat... apparently country people don't know that soy is a flavorful and environmentally wise meat substitue. ^^;; We were going to go on a little "date" to look at the stars, but it rained... it was okay, though, because we stayed up until four talking in strange quiet voices.

    Her bed was sort of tall, and I was on the floor, but she held my hand until I fell asleep and it must have dropped... it felt so good just to have someone close to me, even if acter a while my hand went numb. ^^ The next night, I wedged myself next her her dresser in a terribly uncomfortable position so we could be closer. It was so dark that we couldn't see anything more than vague shapes, but we were still holding hands... I kissed her cheek and she kissed back... since it was so dark, I don't think we could have found lips without a lot of awkward nose biting. ^_^;;; It just felt so warm and right, we were giddy until we couldn't stay awake any longer.

    I'm still nervous the she likes her ex girlfriend... but I think her ex is really nice, so I shouldn't be jealous... Nene is also really afraid to tell people.. she went out with her ex for 13 months and didn't tell anyone for 4... I didn;t know for 7... I am the sort of person who likes telling. I almost told my mum, for god's sakes, even though she was screaming about how terrible I am again. There was a really big fight... she makes fun of me for crying.

    But it's okay. I have someone who I really treasure, and it feels so nice!

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