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Tess (tscr13) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 14:07:00
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    Current mood:MoONsTrUck : )
    Current music:When You Say Nothing At All

    apparetnly im "too young" to have one of these things so i just got another one. guess i just ahve to start over again :-p hehehe well how're things? my things are awesome chris just stopped by and gave me a bag i forgot las ngiht. and my little brother was like who are u when he walked in. was v funny. but uh i have this science report that ive been bitching about for like the past million months and he was like hows that coming? and was like good wanna SEE IT? ;) its in the uh BACK room and my little brother starts following us and im like nate u can go play with ur x-box u dont have to follow us its ok sweetie and hes like ok so he waltz's up stairs and oh my goodness..... ive been waiting for it alll vacation.... was absolutley wonderful HE is so wonderful!!! cant wait to see him again tomorrow.... love him so so much.... am realizing that i could get better then my uh friend elyk *am being nice :-p bu i mean i dont kno why on earth i settled for that shit. i mean he treated me horrible. we had a bad relationahip we were always fighting and arguing and hurting each other i mean its now that i realize that :-/ but chis and i we haven't argued about anything AT ALL whatsoever. we agree on EVERYTING we both lke sports and they're the same sports and we're ok on the music and everything is just perfect. my mother likes him and i think my dad does too and his parents like me and i mean my sis and him were friends before him and i werepretty much!! isn't that crazy?1 i wentover to his house yesterday for like and hour or so before we went out ith zell adn everyone was v much fun. Saw noah and matt wood dont kn o matt v well but Noah and i r cool... he was a lot of elp with the whole Kyle thing... i really dont kno why i went out with that boy again... silly tessa.... but hey going out eith chriss has erased a bunch of sill y things from my head. that being one of them. :-D it almos feels like im happy almost all of the time opposed to when i was pissed off or depressed almost all the time that i was with kyle. anyway im happy and chris is happy and my friends are hapy and kyle's happy with his air headed sex toys that i dont really care about anymore. sure it bothered me in the beginning and people may even have ecused me of still having feelings for him but honest to god i dont have any more feelings for him... sure i may do sum things and that may make me think of sumthing that we did that was awesome but i will never feel the way i did about him again after what he said and what hes done and everyhting... i mean that weekend when i was going to break up with himn and i knew it and i was just waiting for a weke day to do it so i could do it face to face and he was alking bout how he and i were going to do something on his 16th birthday and how we were going to go with his family to a play in december and what he was going to get me for christmas and i almst started crying... i did start crying i felt bad for him becuse he was helpless and i felt horrible because he didn;t kno he had no clue. at all. none. and then that morning when i went up to him adn he made me turn arounso that he could put that necklace on for me. and he watched me take it off and he looked like he was breaking into amillion pieces like he was about to cry... he's a dick chris is better. right? Stop it tessa.... i really need to think about what im doing now and not what i have done.

    i love chris :-D

    and thats that.

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