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marie (tryintoshapeup) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 23:31:00
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    Current mood:okay

    blah, blurty sucks. i should be in bed. had to do that damn reflection, and haven't made it to my bed yet.

    ashley..are you embarrased? "IM NOT A LESBIAN!" lol okay then. thanks for informing..never thought you were.. lol.

    jen..sorry for not helpin on your math yet. Wednesday will be the day, after I clean my room, since gramma's comin on Friday..

    soo that means marie gets to take a trip to the airport. oh gawd. hopefully traffic wont be too heavy. gah.

    school's been good, I Guess. I hope that secret quiz goes well tomorrow in chemistry. "wednesday dec 17, there will be a secret (he didn't use that word, but I cant think of the word) quiz..shh, dont tell anyone" lmao. thompson's a nerd. gotta love him though..hes a great teacher. makes chem. fun.

    lmao, I love godfathers. long story..won't even go into detail.. thanks amanda.. [i know you aint readin it, well most likey not..but still] gotta love the pickles...and the pop. and omg...everything was just so funny.

    my arms hurt..maybe I'm getin muscles. woot. cuz I shoveled today after school. I was gonna get teh snow blower out cuz at the end of the driveway it was all thick (thanks to the plows), but I couldn't get the damn thing started. gr. Maybe I needed the key..I dont sounded like it could start up w/o, since I had the electric cord right, and I think I did everything right. but it didnt start..just kinda made noises like it was gonna, but never did. sooo, I just hadta do it with my hands/arms. gr.

    after school, when jen and I were leavin, we were walkin out, and there was this car in which wouldn't start. we started laughin..then i wasl ike omg, thats dana!! I felt bad..jen told me to drive up by her, and then I gave her a ride home. poor girl..just got that car, and it's not even workin. {{motor problems}} gr, damn ford bronco. oh well, I still fucking love my black ford F-350, dually, diesel.. mmm.

    im out. bed time.

    much love.

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