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-unzipped! she doesn't exist!!- (truthinasubway) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 21:01:00
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    Current mood:weird
    Current music:the fever- ladyfingers

    i know trains crash every day
    why do i only write in here once a week? crazy. school is what holds my life together sadly.
    i am really sick of my parents. i dont even feel like talking to anyone in my family anymore and i dont really anymore. i lost any desire to get my license today. im so sick of listening to my mother scream at me when i drive that im not even going to do it anymore. its not like im getting a car ever.
    i always think other peoples dreams are so easy to figure out for them, but mine never are. except last night. why are my dreams always about mr craig? hes like haunting me.
    oh degrassi was great today. what an amazing show haha.
    what are we doing tomorrow?! i still dont know. i hope im not going to six flags.
    this entry just got stupid really fast.
    lost in translation was awesome. i need to see it again. the music was good, which reminds me--dot-dash comes on tomorrow.
    is anyone going to homecoming? i dont know if i should, but i probably wont.
    i really dont know who im addressing right now, because nobody reads this whatsoever.
    by the way, would anyone be willing to donate chocolate milk and/or hot cocoa mix? i will be needing some.
    i need to watch amelie.

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