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¤Ben (benraiben) wrote in trusttyler,
@ 2003-07-07 19:33:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Tyler

    Tyler episode.
    The scene starts with Wakka, out at one knows what his job is.

    Tyler and Exec are awoken when they hear someone in the house, they go in to the lounge, thinking it will be Wakka, but they find a Bear. They make friends by hugging with it. :) Awww

    A mysterious cake arrives the the Tyler apartment, and a stripper pops out to put on a show. The stripper teaches the bear to dance like her. (Audience laugh their heads off.)

    Steve has a go in the stripper cake and Exec laughs, while the bear checks out the stripper.(Audience clap and laugh)

    Tyler is pushed by the bear in to the stripper, making a rude looking scene.Exec becomes jelous...but...why? "Is it love? Is it love? That I've been searching for!?" . Audience roll out of the seats with laughter and some roll down the isle on to the set. (!??)

    Actually a publicity shot from the episode. Steve crosses his arms and leans on the bear's shoulder.

    Steve walks in to the kitchen and sees the bear raiding it! Uh oh!

    Exec goes to close the fridge.The bear hides a bag of crisps that it stole and Tyler trys it on with the stripper.

    Stripper gives Tyler her card, and she says "Give it to the bear, i am too shy too" and Tyler looks at camera and gives a puppy dog sad eyes look at camera, and his head with the gelp of computer generated graphics, morphs in to a puppy dog (this was editted out, was done for a joke for the cast)

    A police women has heard from local neighbours that Tyler's apartment is actually a kinky whore house.However Tyler thinks that she is here cause animals are not aloowed in the flat and trys bribing her to keep quiet, meanwhile Exec,Bear and Stripper hide behind the couch.

    The stripper suddenly claims that Tyler arrass her and steal her cash. Tyler changes the room in to a court room and the bear stands up for Tyler, while the police women watches and Exec pieces the evidence up.

    The police women rings for back up, and its Wakka! He is a policeman! Wakka says that he has been on this strippers case the very same day and that she is well known for making false accusations.The bear has left his crisps and Exec eats them, but misses the bear and crys abit.

    Stripper is sent to jail.

    More episodes to come.

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