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Kaitlyn (truedramaim18) wrote,
@ 2004-07-08 10:43:00
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    Hi... I'm Kaitlyn.... I attended Neshaminy High School and i am a graduate of 2004. I've had a lot of drama in my life as you can see i put Drama in my screen name because it fits me best Honestly i have no clue where to start but i will attempt to start somewhere. Ok let me see..... Just to let u know i will start in the present but i will be jumping back and forth from present to the past. I need to explain the past sometimes, so u can better understand why i do the things i do. Ok! Yesterday, I woke up at 11:15 feelin like shit always.... As soon as i wake up i am reminded by myself that my mother had yelled at me the night before that i must wash the dishes every day i have off from work. Today is an off day so Kate is gonna play Mz. Cinderilla! ((Past)) July 4th, 2004 i was given 3 adoral pills for basically free from this girl Kaitlyn that i met at the party.. My friend Jason invited me to his friends party. Well the night before my sister had went into my purse and found the adoral. She was very upset because (she is studying in the field of nursing she knows these things) she said adoral puts holes in your brain, causes weight loss and u can never sleep on these suckers! Well i had told her the next day which was yesterday that i had flushed them down the tiolet, when in reality i never did... So, i decide hey lets pop a pill to give me some energy! Dumb idea! that was around 2:00 p.m. feeling good around 3:00 i had washed dishes in 5 minutes and those bitches were high it was crazy! around 4:00 i decided hey let me take another one. These champs are feelin good! Well my friend pete (he's 23) had called me seeing whats up? We made plans to hang out later with my cousin Emily (she's 19). Jason had called me. The Bakery manager at Genuardis where i work his nephew. Jason is 23 and he likes me a lot. I don't like jason that way sadly. Jason is going through a harsh break up because she is being a fuckin bitch! ya lol..... well he was like screamin in the phone tryin to explian this story basically at this point i am not really payin attention lol.... I am feelin shaky feeling good etc.... Well I was on the computer most of the day because i couldn't even get off the seat. Well 8:30 p.m. rolls around and my cousin had just gotten off of work... So i call her up she says she will pick me up at 10:00 on the dot.... So it's 9 something now i had jumped in the shower.... lookin hott.... still feelin the effects of the adoral i pop the last one.... Wow this is pretty intense.... I am gettin chills all down my spin. It was weird because being on adoral reminds me of rollin. I've only rolled once but the feeling is a lot similar. Ok where am i at..... So Em picks me up.... Remind u that Pete is like so called hookin up with Emily.... But Pete is a scum bag, pig and a player and he has been tryin to get with me the whole time he has been gettin with my cousin. She knows this and its basically kept underneath our skin because we are family we can't let these stupid things get to us. Well ummm we go to this guy donnie's house who works with us at genuardis (Emily,pete,me and donnie work at Genuardis together) well before we go to donnie's we smoke a bowl and a blunt of this really weak ass weed! The worst weed i've ever smoked.... Lol my cousin has no clue what she is missing! Damn i will hook her up with some good as weed tonight! Jamican Outdoor Mids a lil wet makes ya see shit! Well anyways... so we go up to donnies house and Donnies a very nice chillin dude(22) baby face looks 20.... We are chillin on the deck and we are drinkin liquior! Yummy Yummy! Well i drank Barcardi 120 or something like that w/ organge juice and i also drank Vodka with Orange Juice..... Ummm... at this point i hadn't really ate anything special all day... 12:00 i ate crackers and a banana, around 2:00 i ate grapes and cherries and some more crackers!!! Well i didn't get drunk or anything but i am feelin good.... Well my cousin had planned that we would all go skinny dippin in Donnies pool. RESPOND- is wearin a T-shirt only still skinny diping? Respond with the answer (Me,Pete -n- Emily) so we all start undressing pete gets naked first completely naked remind u.... Em chickens out and puts on a shirt over her body! She considers that skinny dipping ya right emily..... so anyways its my turn.... Me i am not scared of my body i am proud of my body and it doesn't bother me to be naked in front of people and also i am in touch with my sexuality i mean god i am 18! let me do what i want! Well emily gets histarical omg! She starts screamin at me, "Get ur shirt back on u slut, yada yada.... i am like what? She is like i am not gonna let my little cousin show off her boobs to everyone!" i was like okay so Pete can go around and jump off the diving board with his 8 inch bird flopping around but when i get naked its a sin.... WTF.... so she starts grabbin me and shit! I am like flippin out now i am like GET THE FUCK OFF ME! i mean i don't want to hurt my cousin cause i dunno i am not like angry like her.... I mean when i snap i am dangerous.... So like i am at my last straw because she puts her hand around my neck and i look her in the eye i am like emily dont' touch me i don't want to hit u and she just stopped.... but then she was like find ur own ride home cause i am not takin home a slut! I am like alright whatever i mean the guys offered me a ride home but i was like i am just gonna let my cousin have her way because she will have a cow if i don't... so i get the shirt! But honestly thinking about it i think the reason she was so upset is because (in all honestly like i am not mean,shallow or vein) emily had just lost a lot of weight i mean in my opinion she looks good but i guess she doesn't like her body.... i mean i am pretty skinny and my body looks good so i didn't care that i was naked! So i guess she was scared that pete would like what he saw! but i wasn't even thinkin like that becuase i dont like pete like that. He is just my friend!
    Emily was being out of line! but hey if u read this tell me who was out of line ME (KAITLYN) oR EMILY! ??? Well then I apologize to emily because emily in her words said that the reason she was upset is because i never met these guys before and its not lady like to show ur boobs off..... let me remind u the 2 guys that were there were like 200 and 300 pounds believe me! I could out run them fuckers by a mile! not to sound mean but its just common sense ya know! well anyways.....but i mean they were gentle souls i mean they weren't aggressive or anything i mean they weren't even drunk lol and neither was I and they weren't even paying any attention to me... They were on the deck which was like 25 feet away! So whatever damn! Plus she was talkin dirty the whole night to them talkin about sex, masterbating, anal , tosing salad i mean okay! U can talk dirty and thats lady like but flashin a booby is DEVILISH! anyways drop that subject so now it's getting close to 3 o'clock a.m. we gotta start bouncin cause emily has a curfew on the week days cause her mom has to be up at like 6:00 so we can't interupt her morning schedule.... So we get at the house..... I am sittin in the chair pete is on the couch and emily is in her bedroom.... Well for a lil while pete had gone in the other room with emily i mean it bothered me a lil bit but not a whole lot i mean i didn't say anything or even show that i was bothered because i mean i can get my booty when i want where i want but it didn't matter anyways i was plugged up (had my period using a tampoun) i don't know if they were fuckin but if they were lol that shit is a quicky cause he lasted about 10 minutes i mean i am used to like 45 to 2 1/2 of fun lovin!!!! hehe.... anyways ummm they come out and pete hits the couch again and falls asleep its like 5 o'clock we gotta be up at 7:00 in the mornin cause pete is going to virgina beach for 4 days so he gotta bounce.... So i try 2 sleep the adoral is really hittin hard.... the walls were breathing, everything was a lil fussy, i was getttin chills down my spin and i had this like tingly sinsation around my neck and my hair line! Crazy! Em comes out and goes up stairs and gets an apple and water for me cause i didn't eat at all today! So in like 15 minutes my aunt comes down and starts bitchin at my cousin.... Well in the process of fighting i over hear and emily got it made. Her mother pays for her car, her insurance and her fee for gym which is at LA Fitness its alone 149 dollars to join and its like 49.99 every month! Emily was tryin to say that her life is hard well her mother is so mean my mom would never freakin do that! i gotta pay for my own insurance my own car and my own damn gym! Anyways i am just chillin there on the couch tryin to fall asleep ain't workin..... 7 o'clock is finally up and we all bounce..... Em drops me off and i tried to go to sleep at like i guess 7:30 and i got up at like 8:30! It was 9:31 when i started this entry and i can't sleep! I've been up since 11:15 yesterday! Thats 21 hours! I am gonna try to fall asleep later! But umm i was lookin up the side effects of adoral! Just to learn for myself and i read this chicks journal and she sounded kinda like me! Even though i know i have a nice body i still think i am fat! I weigh more then her but i mean its basically the same! I weigh now 140 but i would like to weigh 130lbs or less! But now it's 10:30 so its been exactly an hour i have been typin this journal.... As u've gained u prob think i have a drug problem but u ain't heard nothing yet!!! i will do a seperate entry for my adventure in OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND FOR SENIOR WEEK!!!!! Alright talk to ya latta i mean if u want to respond to my entry holla back at my e-mail, or just reply in this entry alright!



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