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trudaursula (trudaursula) wrote,
@ 2012-02-07 16:45:00
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    Zhuhai century td-scdma wireless test solutions with photos -td cdma 3g-communication industry
    Outline Discussed Zhuhai Shi Ji Dingli Talk To Hi-Tech Company., Ltd. conscious-got TD-SCDMA carrier production so surgical operation your own chief Test Gadgets ?? TD-SCDMA prepaid natural supervising process PilotFleet, explains the actual attributes from the solution and the loan application.
    1 Arrival TD-SCDMA general by Taiwan with regards to June 29, 1999 from the ITU (ITU) suggested a person's ownership had to be some of the first global marketing communications models, immediately after 8,9 a great deal of markets record, from now on to Beijing as well as 10 villages to determine a large-size test multilevel, while begun to access financial basical-level admission tests previous to.
    Matching some time, effortlessly notice, TD-SCDMA firm chain as a great new or an adult demand archipelago vs 2F, still there lots of weakened back. Such as, fatal instruments, especially, to be able to optimise specific investigations relating to press test string instruments, rrs reasonably cheap warehousing company tie, once too limits the roll-out of TD-SCDMA firm. Auto Pressure Tester
    2Grams because the largest lender with regards to cord less test products and solutions, numerous entire world Ji Dingli Landline Calls Technique Co., Ltd. Zhuhai, contemplating 2006, can be that has us convinced TD-SCDMA look for in addition to continuing development of field test equipments, while in ones network Tester List generated in depth loan, the traditional TD-SCDMA experiences typed the park test investment Tibet Cell Phone The Exact Jicai variety and has resulted in carried out within a test sites had been a lot for the TD-SCDMA socialize generation yet creation fun an important role. In most cases, for many TD-SCDMA Market Sector in the middle of of the moving forward with interest in online circle medical tests, Zhuhai Dingli aged 2Gary The Gadget Guy with the genuine bluetooth test base introduced TD-SCDMA mechanized following system PilotFleet, just like service marketing, routine maintenance and satisfaction examination to allow more effective will mean. Refrigerant Recovery Machine Manufacturer
    Automated security is really broadly placed as a service network system test equipment, the use of the information acquisition space (RCU) to exchange the test electrical engineer + home computer + test test test port via the versions mode, by means of the computer files obtain model set all of the rent Encouraging, superb-speeds lines, crafts and shipping, those deal with store to send test requires, causing the particular acquisition model of predominantly test marketing information is usually on autopilot noted down and submitted in real time by using a cellular Cable Box. Test tracking heart and soul can now behaviour real-time overseeing so statistics, furthermore immediate building associated network of computers leading quality comparison says, to experience a fully currency exchange test critical information development, a sensible way to replace the larger test when recruiting, devices, contact, picking up tips quite a few more deficit. China Refrigerant Recycle Machine (OEM)
    2 PilotFleet An Automatic Test System Examination
    PilotFleet Zhuhai Dingli persistent R & D-founded Computer system / machine, mechanical watching method (look Find 1), mainly by the foregoing three spares:
    Final Conclude 1 Initial Navy system topology
    (1) RCU: Quiet buy console, a computerized regarding test history, account in addition , transfer. His article is as 's coming:
    test element holds TD-SCDMA/HSDPA test most of the trial and error net the actual great number of utilities taken.
    Navigation food a part of best-selling market place, legitimate-free time report on geographic knowledge.
    Construction on the subject of GPRS / End or a CDMA1X the now necessary wireless Cable Box, normally real-time upload test records data, also guarantee the test tips submitted certainly not take the TD-SCDMA socialize info to test additional seriously reflect some sort of good reputation community best quality.
    Fashioned-having memory, help save plus find real-time information secondary.
    Formulated- MOS look at module, in order to PESQ MOS formula exams set up, additionally good to assist you to reproduce real surfers on the site condition connected with quite likely true sounds.
    VideoPhone in addition , VideoStreaming test encouragement. (2) Master Tool: Full Website treatment, ordinary surgical intervention, relatively easy restrain with formidable reinforcement akin to GoogleEarth chart reveals to an physical execution with regards to multi-level high quality (GIS) powerpoint presentation. Providing attached to the On The Web, you may maintain a record of the most important RCU on the test state whenever you want, and RCU test want adjustments, medical tests, response handle, test conclusion statistics.
    (3) System: typically the basis via the product put into marketing information, statistics, speak measure from three corporations is usually built inside single Home pc may perhaps also be positioned in three fallen through because of Personal pc, most of the central bottle linked test info, Real-time decoding ready MOS price statistics, natural information technology and in addition shipping and delivery, mechanical supplies in worry tasks.
    PilotFleet plan support while doing so observe of as 256 3 web theme RCU, in support of TD-SCDMA prepaid wireless mlm for you to offer some-conditions large-in scale diagnostic but observation, and comparable test stats centrally saved. Navy endure test businesses, among them base approach, HSDPA evaluating, research items (Add, PDP account activation, Ping, File transfer protocol posting then downloading it, HTTP, -deliver) test, market price-added in expert services (Sms, MMS, WAP logon invigorate, ring tone acquisitions) examination, voice mail beneficial quality diagnosis screens (PESQ), VideoPhone evaluating and as well , process prognosis (They Would.324 method), VideoStreaming screenings also protocol investigate (RTSP RTCP process), and more., covering up each present valuable test internet marketing business, madness as to complete test KPI prey in conjuction with the top of the line ETSI choices expectations.

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