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Rachel (troublbreathing) wrote,
@ 2003-04-30 20:43:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:yellowcard - big apple heartbreak

    i love that word :)

    so i had an interview yesterday at a bar in durham. its not opening for another month or so but the owner is niki's cousin so ive got connections. it went well enough...
    i also have an interview on friday at abenaqui country club. me and lamb both applied and would be starting as bus boys (girls).
    im getting so desperate im starting to consider working at shaws. but only if they would let me work in grocery.i cant stand anymore of that front end of grocery stores shit.

    hmmm what else

    OH...i might be going to the yellowcard/rufio show at the axis in boston on monday!! im wicked excited. sally just told me about it this morning. but oh man i would soo love to see both of them live.
    im so happy that its getting warm and becoming concert season.
    heres the concerts i already know im going to:
    may5th: yellowcard/rufio (most likely) (boston- axis)
    may 22nd: alkaline trio ( worchester - palladium i think?)
    may 25th: dane cook (hes a comedian so it doesnt really count as a concert but im putting it in anyways)(boston- comedy connection)
    july 22nd: bon jovi (shut up you know you are jealous :) ) (foxboro- gilette stadium)
    july 31st? i think thats the date: the warped tour (boston-suffolk downs)

    thats it soo far i think..

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