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Rachel (troublbreathing) wrote,
@ 2003-04-27 20:31:00
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    Current mood: full
    Current music:no use for a name - international you day

    i want matt. wicked bad.
    this is not a good thing for a couple of reasons.
    1. he has a girlfriend...and shes wicked nice.
    2. mikey really likes me. mikey and matt are good friends.
    3. mikey used to like addie. addie went for matt instead. now everyone hates addie. i dont want to be like addie.
    when i was in florida, sally told me that matt said something to matt along the lines of he "kind of wants to slam me." well i didnt know what to do so i didnt do anything and before i knew what happened, he was going out with niki.
    but its times like last night, at the sad cafe, when i realize that i want matt wicked bad. i think me and him could have a lot of fun together. and thats what i really want right now. FUN.
    well on another note...the show last night was fun. there was a wicked cute boy who looked like gordo from lizzie mcguire. ive got to stop checking out the little boys lol

    it sucks that vacation is over. i really really really dont want to go to school tomorrow. but hey at least there is only 6 more weeks of my high school career :D graduation is june 13th. yea friday the 13th. its a good thing im not superstitious.
    alright well i have nothing else exciting to update about.

    no one comments in my journal. does that mean i suck?

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