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Trisha (trishybaby) wrote,
@ 2003-04-03 00:16:00
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    Heyys. Gezh, today has been a hell of a lot better for mee.. I guess I jus needed some good friends of mine to make me s m i l e :] Yes.. Thats probly rite! :D Heres wha happened to mee today...
    1st jus did a quiz i was supposed to do like a week ago
    2nd told off Trevor.. he deserved it. He said that me n Lori were actin like assholes so I told him to leave, n when he got up I handed him his newspaper [we were in Pettit's class] he threw it @ me n it hit my eye n gave me a paper cut on my eyebrow.. n so I let him have it [Rite now Im talkin to Jordon n hes pissed cuz he wasnt there lmao]
    3rd basically jus chilled w/ Brandon, Crissy, n Matt :] ::Heyy Guys!!::
    4th took a test [which i BOMBED!] n talked w/ FeFe n Holly
    Lunch haha.. it was pretty much the same today. Me n Whit cut in line w/ my girl, Ashley M.. Lunch was pretty good today actually, compared to those other days lol Me n Ash talked about some stuff n then when I got dun eatin I saw George, n he took my tray up for mee [Ahh, hes sucha sweetheart! :D] Then, when he came back, he sat n talked to me til it was time to go ;p
    5th ha, it was pretty interesting. I actually like that class. Shockin heh? lol
    6th can someone say "boring"... ZzZzZzZz
    7th sucked as usual.. Plus, Kelsi didnt even show up! BLaH!
    After Skool George met up w/ me @ my locker to get his jacket n then we headed out to my car.. I decided to let him drive cuz .. I dunno, lol I honestly didnt feel in the mood to drive n I trust him w/ my car so .. yeah. lol While we were drivin we were listenin to some 50 Cent music n he was rappin it n everything lmao.. It was hilarious.. Then, he kept on callin me "Cupcake" lol.. It was adorable. I was like "Cupcake, huh?" lol n he said "Yepp, Cupcake!" lmao.. Hes cRaZy ;p Then, we got to his house n we hugged good`byes n then I left. I went home n then I met up w/ Curt @ the mall @ around 4.. Me n him both got sunglasses from FYE for only $4.99.. that aint too bad! Plus, they're really cute too :p We stopped @ a few other stores n looked around, n then I got a EMINEM hat.. Its adorable ;p Kim n Jennifer yelled @ me cuz I spent $24.99 on it.. but o`wells! Its cuute! hehehe I left there n then I went to get my tank filled.. Well, sorta.. I put in $11 in.

    Tomorro I gotta stay after for Mrs. Price to make up this thingy n then me n Ashie are goin to get our cars washed lmao.. Its gunna be funn ;p I'll probly end up takin George home the rest of the week.. Ahh, I dont care! Hes good company ;D hehehe! I luuv my h0mie! ;D

    Love always, Cupcake [lol] aka Trish

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