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Trisha (trishybaby) wrote,
@ 2003-03-25 21:05:00
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    Hey everybody.. Wellp, after skool yesterday, me n Ashie went to Mtbg, the mall, Hoyts [to go see JB2], n then to El Rancheros.. We hadda blast n the movie was jus adorable.. except for this lil girl.. Damn was she ever annoyin lol.. I guess you jus hadda be there.

    I came home around 730? n I wasnt feelin good @ all.. I did my hw n went to bed @ 8. I woke up this mornin still feelin pretty crappy so I went n told my mom n she told me to go lay down n rest.

    I ended up goin to skool @ around 1030 n I ran into Jere so I stopped n talked w/ him for a lil bit.. Hesa crazy one! Hes always gunna be my hunni tho hehehe ;p As soon as I walked in I saw Ash comin back from JR so I went n talked to her.. After that I went n signed in n went straight to 4th pd. I got a lil sad tho cuz I didnt see Brandon n hes in my 4th pd! ..Wellp, soon enough they said that the evacuation was gunna start n for teh 2nd floor to go...

    I walked down w/ FeFe n her were the BEST of FRIENDS growin up. We still tell e/o stuff tho :] Shes my girl! lol.. Wellp, we went into the big gym n we went up the bleachers n sat down. I was sittin in front of Becky n beside her was my boy, Brandon. Gezh, hes soo freakin hott! ;p That was a time I'll never forget.. He taught me this handshake n it took me like 4 times to get it down lol He was gunna teach me this other one, but he said it required us to stand up n it would take him about 5 mins to teach me lol So, we couldnt very well do that, could we? Nope! Then I stole his keys outta his pocket.. lmao ;D

    We flirted the rest of the time talkin n stuff.. then Fe was tellin me some stuff about a certain "person".. no comment. :x

    Soon enough it was time to go.. n we went back to class. Brandon came up to me n took his keys back, n then Mr Barker jus went over stuff for about 5 mins n we had the rest of the pd freee [like 25 mins] lol

    Nothin much else happened.. except for one thing. Terry wrote me back n bottom line: i hurt him a lot, basically b/c I tried gettin w/ Jere after I broke things off w/ me n Terry. Jere n me are jus -friends-.. actually I consider him one of my closest guy friends. He gives me advice, listens to me, n we joke around a lot. I luv him to death, but not like that..

    I dunno wha to do... Me n Terry had our chance, yes. BUT, I waisted it.. I have a chance to earn his trust back n everything.. but Im afraid that I cant do that knowin that I like Brandon, also. Me n Brandon have had this thing w/ e/o.. n it starts wayyy back in 5th grade. @ the time I was datin Trebor.. n me n Trebor were together 2 yrs.. I dunno.. Im all confused.. :\ Hellp........

    ps.. I got the pics back that I took of everyone yesterday n I must say.. I loove all of em, except for the one that my mom took of me n Ash.. it didnt come out! :[

    Love always, T

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