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*[You dont know how lovely you are]* (trippinkitten) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 20:20:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:headstrong - trapt

    I gotta POOP.
    hey hey hey
    HALLOWEENS sooooooooon!!!!! YAY! i FINALLY got my costume. Im gunna be like a sexy(?) bat woman or something like that. Danas gunna be a "dark" Angel, Ktsa gunna be a fairy, Chris is gunna be HARRY POTTER! and Sams gunna be a NINJA! LMAO. Kt got him like ninja stuff today.

    I got the HOTTEST wings! :D

    Today was a half day cuz of midterms, so kt dana and I left after or frist midterms. Went to Maccy Ds. then to Laudys house. Chilled there, layed in bed. Its was fun. Kt SUCKS at resident EVIL. LoL.

    So yeha on HALLOWEEN big ass party to STUBBYS(alan) house!, 2 bucks to get in, 2 kegs, MUST dress up! EVERYONE go! its gunna be SO fun. :)

    hah we dont have enough money for the kegs yet. damn it. lol. well get it no worries. lol. we always get the money for beer. lol.

    wow its really gay whne you know someone for almost 4 years and like they like "use" you i guess. like they get what they want and then pretty much stop talking to you. so thats gay and im sorta disappointed in that person. but whatever, i guess i should be use to it. :(

    haha, dana and i are on the phone with alan. hes so weird. lol. hes telling the most lamest story about halloween candy. ugh. what a nut.

    CHRIS got his HARRY POTTER coat thing. its so cute. lol.

    Haha i think its so gay how some people just dont grow up. not mentioning names, but like seriously, to like be calling people "gayness" and shit like that is so inmature. i dont understand some of these KIDS. and thye have the same old jokes like "the tribe" and like "homes" and shit. wowo that was so 9th grade, grow up, ay?.

    PAMS party is gunna be so much fun, live bands and shit. yay.

    Chad might be picking me up from school tomorrow. YAY! *rock-climbing* :)

    ok well im gunna go now. love ya all. bye.

    "barah wasnt bear material" lol Joey.

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