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*[You dont know how lovely you are]* (trippinkitten) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 03:33:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:you've failed - we bled victory

    Mr. Cheeks is the MAN!

    I went to the OASIS to see WE BLED VICTORY! they were fucking awesome!!!!
    JEREMY dedicated the bread crumbs song to ME, and Jamie. YAY!

    sad note: Micheal leaves tomorrow. damn i miss that kid. :( we have So much fun hanging out together.

    OMG i saw Tool kid tonight, what a gay. lol

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!
    the HOTTEST guy in the world was talking to me tonight!! wanna know who it was...... take a guess, youll never fucking guess it. Ok heres a clue, hes a drummer, not yet ok his band is SIMPLEKILL!!! Yup, it was JON mutha fucking SPERRY! what a fucking HOT-ASS kid! he came up to b/c i was WEARING a Simple kill shirt and was like "nice shirt" i was like "do i know you"....haha (im SO dumb) and he was like yeha im their DRUMMER! i was LIKE OMG your JON! (duh!!!) but yeha we just talked for alittle and i gave him a flyer to the next We Bled Victory Show which is.....

    AUGUST 16th @ the Factory!
    We bled Victory
    unwanted superheros
    all absence
    life w/o shame
    cure for cancer
    set trigger
    beyond the echoes
    and more!
    It will be a kick ass show!!!

    So anyways, Jon gave me flyer to his next show which is....

    Fri. August 29th @ the Culture Room
    The groovenics
    Dr. Gonzos Bazooka Circus

    ANOTHER kick ass SHOWWW! im So there!

    But yeah then afterwards i went w/ Kevy and damien to Allens house. Joey gave me a court for FREE! yummy. I was late coming home i hope my mommy isnt mad at me.

    I think charity lied to me tonight. w/e dude, if she EVER wants to chill shell have to call me, i tried of trying to chill with her and she backs out the last minute, i dont know. But i saw rachela nd i wasl ike i thought you and charity had to stay home tonight to "bond or some shit with lisa" and she was like NO. so thats how i know she lied. w/e dude im not gunna fret over it.

    w/e my other friends dont lie to me about stupid shit, if she didnt want to chill no need to lie about it.

    i love you jamie, megan, ana stehpanie, kevin, damien, chris and joey. My fucking drunk crew. :D

    im outtie.


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