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whats my name again? (triottopiccolo4) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 09:07:00
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    Current mood: jealous
    Current music:the end- the doors

    DUDE i hate that david goes to NHS now. its like, i had him before ANY of the girls at our school. and i WANT him. i mean, i love steven, but davids like, the shit. ALLLLLL the girls want him. and its not cool. like, why cant i just have both of them????? :'( haha im SUCH an awful person. i just want david for like, a fuck buddy. because his personalitys not that excellent... but his body is. and hes the guy i wanna like, fool around with. have athign with, but not a relationship. purely sexual, for the hell of it. MAN IS HE HOT. ok, so this whole entry was caused by this conversation between me and kristhle:

    PinkBabies02: u kno who i want to get to know? and who i think i would be good with??? dont freak out...
    PinkBabies02: David!
    PinkBabies02: :-[
    triottopiccolo4: david...
    triottopiccolo4: DUDE
    triottopiccolo4: yeaaaaa
    PinkBabies02: lol
    triottopiccolo4: everyone
    triottopiccolo4: agrees
    PinkBabies02: wait- - what??!!
    triottopiccolo4: no everyone wants him
    triottopiccolo4: haha
    PinkBabies02: oh,lol
    PinkBabies02: but seriously, dont u think we would hit it off? i mean, we both <3 dancing, and we would be good dancin together..hhehe
    triottopiccolo4: hah
    triottopiccolo4: definitely the dancing would be hot
    triottopiccolo4: but your personality and what i know of his dont mesh at all
    PinkBabies02: awww, reeeeeeally???
    triottopiccolo4: yea
    PinkBabies02: why, what's h like???
    PinkBabies02: he*
    triottopiccolo4: i dunno hes like, asshole?
    PinkBabies02: haha
    triottopiccolo4: lol not really asshole
    triottopiccolo4: but he does a lot of drugs
    triottopiccolo4: smokes
    triottopiccolo4: bad things
    PinkBabies02: true true
    triottopiccolo4: isnt a "nice guy gentleman" sort
    triottopiccolo4: and he wouldnt stop any of his things for a girl
    PinkBabies02: yea, but those arent my types
    PinkBabies02: i like 'em rough around the edges
    PinkBabies02: lol
    triottopiccolo4: haha
    triottopiccolo4: and soft in the middle?
    PinkBabies02: EXACTLY
    triottopiccolo4: :-P
    PinkBabies02: lol
    PinkBabies02: so, anyway....drop my name next time u talk to david....who knows...maybe we WILL hit it off??
    triottopiccolo4: haha i never talk to him anymore
    triottopiccolo4: i never see him
    triottopiccolo4: but ill try to work it in somewhow
    PinkBabies02: lol
    PinkBabies02: maybe i should come over your house then
    PinkBabies02: OMG - - FRIDAY!!! home GAME!!!
    PinkBabies02: AAAAAAAAaa
    triottopiccolo4: hahaha

    dude, can you say no? they TOTALLY wouldnt hit it off. maybe its just an out of jealousy thing... but i DEFINITELY dont think they mesh well. whatever... i dont think she could get him anyways.

    im such an awful person. such an awful awful awful person. o well, i like being a bitch. :-D

    ok thats all for now?? ill end up writing more later... i was going to finish my very deep entry from before... but im not in a deep mood anymore. will finish when i am. haha.

    love love love

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