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whats my name again? (triottopiccolo4) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 18:05:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:californication- red hot chili peppers

    halloween was good. hung out at simons and ate pizza with steven lucy kara catrin and becca. then we went trick or treating (yay!) lol. didnt get much candy... although im surprised people actually gave us candy. im a slacker when it comes to costumes. then we went and watched rocky horror picture show or whatever the hell the movies called. abe, nick nocera, doug and bryan came and watched it too. i missed the first half of the movie because i was outside with steven and his mom and chris. and the second half of the movie was just... sketchy. definitely not one of my favorite movies... then lucy and i went home, and at like 12:30 we snuck out. a little on the early side for sneaking out... but it worked out. met simon and steven. while steven and i went off and... did our thing lucy and simon h/u!!! its great. i mean, not that either of them are interested in each other, but steven and i both have a thing for people getting together. its so... wonderful. probably because were both pretty sexual people.

    KAT AND I ARE DYING MY HAIR RED TOMORROW!!! im so fricken excited! its so wonderful.... woooohooooo. ill be a redhead. wow. redheads are sexy. i told steven to get a good look at my hair tonight because it was the last time hed get to see it natural. well... semi natural at least. lol its gonna be great. cant wait to see how it turns out... i hope it looks good! :-D yay!

    love love love


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