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little miss starlight (triggerpuller) wrote,
@ 2003-04-19 16:28:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:madcap

    bright lights big city
    strange things happen.
    the show was two nights ago, and it was a lot of fun. i thought it was going to suck because christian can be a real cock but he didn't bother me at all. it was good... we got there and got in and then andy had to go to the bathroom so i stood there ... and i look over at the people sitting on the railing above the pit and i was like... no fucking way... jesse and chris keaney... holy shit. so i walk over, and gave chris a hug and then i just look at jesse, and he shakes his head... but he finally got down and just grabbed me and hugged me. it was a good feeling. im glad everything is resolved with the two of us. although, it was odd seeing them there. it made me uncomfortable. having jesse look at me while im standing there hugging andy. we jsut stared at eachother... shook our heads and talked, offered me a stoge so ofcourse i took him up on it, and .. that was that. then i realized what i loved about that kid... his voice.

    so we sat there, while andy was in the pit, chris jesse and i smoked and talked about the past... the first time we met, all the drama. everything. andy came over a couple of times just to see what was up and then finally pulled me away.

    we ended up in the stairwell between the bathrooms making out like two complete idiots... and somebody runs down the stairs yelling "stop the fuck fest!" and i knew who it was i didnt even have to turn around and andy was like who the fuck is that douchebag? and i was like... that... thats jess. thats when things started to get weird.

    eventually andy and i decided it was time to leave and we headed over to matts car and waited for christian and matt to emerge from the big crowd of people dumping out of the chance.

    we get to dennys at around 12 and eat... steal some things and head home... it was a nice night... good times good times.

    time to go call gaywhore. haha ... he got off work @ 5 and im gonna call him because i wanna chill with conor and phil ... i haven't seen them since... christmas i think... haha oh i love my family.

    last night was lindseys house, dancing to the buzzcocks for hours, and being silly... andy and lee were gonna come down and visit but they didn't..weird i didnt really understand what was going on

    i hear bagpipes playing now.. its weird i dont understand where they are comming from...aH im going insane. anyway... tonight i have to go to my aunts...but its okay,because phil and conor will be there and it will be fun... hmm.

    there isn't much else to say really... andy gets off tonight @ 8 i presume and... maybe he and lee will come down and hang out with me for a bit, but i won't get my hopes up... monday he is getting his liscence...whew. thankgod. and a car. in out in out will come soon...YAY

    top of the mornin to ya.

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