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little miss starlight (triggerpuller) wrote,
@ 2003-04-05 13:19:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:the bouncing souls ::dances::

    im a hopeless romantic
    hmm i worked to find sabrina a airline tickett...and we found one! i really hope she comes im looking foward to seeing her ^_&
    i just hope i get to see andy over break a decent amount...argh. its not looking great.
    i love that boy guys.
    looking for something to do today
    maybe andy will call me today? probably not... laying low. we are laying low. pfft. what is this laying low bull shit?
    i dont know...
    hopefully everything will work out ...
    bill and his brother really pissed me off yesterday.. his brother was standing there telling andy how he could get with this chick with huge boobs... and making fun of andy because he can put one arm around my body...yeah it was HILARIOUS...let me tell you...what the fuck was his problem? he looked liek a cartoon character.
    i should be going to a birthday party today for a one year old...maybe i will later... probably not...stupid family events...i hate them...but there will be good FOOD...hehe im such a pig.
    i wish i could drive.
    i wish i could drive.
    i wish i could drive.
    andy and i would be together more and i would be able to take a road trip down to nc with andy to pick up sabrina if she can't fly up.
    ooo the possibilities are endless...
    i can't wait till i can then i get to drive my snazzy 63 rambler... neeato right?
    time to go tummy is growling

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