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little miss starlight (triggerpuller) wrote,
@ 2003-03-29 09:57:00
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    Current mood: cold

    i think im going to change my layout... im getting bored.

    my mom made me pancakes this morning and it was fun it made me kind of happy.

    last night was good, hanging out with mark was something i needed to take my mind off of things. he is a great friend... we drove up to Copake to pick up his brothers... holy bumblefuck. peder was annoying but he got cooler and then we went down to beacon and stopped at his uncle mikes house for a while and he drove around without the keys in the car and with karl and i on the back of the car... yeah that was a accident waiting to happen...but thankgod we didn't get hurt. mark is an ass when it comes to driving... eventually we got in the car and they drove me home and then mark kept telling karl to kiss me and i was like crying and screaming "nooooooo im with andyyy.... noooo get away....::screams:: RAPE"... he didn't kiss me which was good....::vomits:: and i got to talk to andy last night... by the end of the conversation he got a bit out of it because of the codiene... but im glad that he is doing relatively o.k. he said that in a couple of days he should be okay. i think i have something going on monday after school but i forget...oh yeah a meeting for the d.c. trip... anyway.. .tuesday (hopefully) i will go visit andy and see how he is doing... im going to let him rest up this weekend...unless he wants to see me tomorrow or something...but then ill see him sometime next week hopefully... lee said he was worried about andy too... i felt bad he seemed upset too... not as upset as me though... but still upset ^_*...

    today im supposed to go over lindseys sometime so she and i can practice our joni mitchell for open mic night. yay!!...

    spring break is almost here... and this means
    1. lee is comming home - lee has car, so that means he will bring andy to see me lots
    2. andys sister is comming home so that means that i will most likely see her a couple of times
    3. maybe ill meet andys dad
    4. i get to sleep later

    so it has a lot of up's and then after that andy gets his liscence and things will be cool... i hope. ::wimpers::

    i miss my parking lot kisses....::sigh::

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