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That Trendy Dead Fish (trendy_deadfish) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 16:01:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Modest Mouse.

    . First best friend(s): Carey, he was the first kid on ym block that wasn't afraid of me.
    . First real memory of something: as a baby i would pull around my turtle and look up at my grandma...i actually do remember that.
    . First car: HA!
    . First date: Jay, he was in the 5th grade and i was in the 3rd.
    . First kiss: 7th grade, Kyle Dewey, ew.
    . First break-up: Jake, i was 14 he was 17...I said i loved him and he dumped me and a week later he asked for me back...i said no..
    . First job: With my step mom at the Taste of Washington.
    . First screen name: jewjewbee44
    . First self purchased album: Weird Al...the micheal jackson one..
    . First funeral: haven't been.
    . First pet: Cocoa, my dog. She is now old and fat and lives in Seattle with ym dad.
    . First piercing/tattoo: I had my ears pierced but i took them out when i was i'm a boy.
    . First house/flat/apartment: still with my mommy
    . First credit card: I got a pre paid one from my dad for my last birthday.
    . First love: I have yet to feel what being in love is like...i think.
    . First enemy: Reana...
    . First big trip: Pft..i never go ANYWHERE, ever. I went to Canada.
    . First play/musical/performance: kindergarden, sang about a Gooney Bird that had seven chicks.
    . First musician you remember hearing in your house: Micheal Jackson, i grew up around him and i love him if you hate him i hate you. he is a beautiful person and i don't belive shit about him molesting children...he never had a childhood so he is making up for it...i understand why he wouldn't want to hang out with adults..he has helped hundreds of dying children. How could anyone be so cruel to someone with such a good heart? I'M DONE...

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