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Val, your friendly neighbourhood zombie hunter (tragicjester) wrote,
@ 2004-04-16 08:47:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:None

    When did Tim get so hot?!?! Graaarrghh... stupid Tim and his not going to my school.

    This weekend shall be group photo shoot sweetness. I really need a memory card for my camera, though...

    Ms K was forcing us to write about our childhood and what kinds of story-type deals we remembered. I didn't remember anything that stood out, so I changed the subject. I do that a lot, she doesn't seem to notice or comment.

    I was talking about flying. And things that can fly. And the sky in general. I know if Laura reads this, she'll tell me to come on crazy stupid bungee death swing... but that's not flying, that's sitting in a sleeping bag attached to strings and falling so fast that your brain thinks you're going to die and shuts down so all you remember is a big grey swish. And airplanes don't count either, although I have no real problem with them (unless they crash...). The prettiest thing I think I ever saw was when I was in an airplane, I watched a thunderstorm from above. The sky is cool. And birds are cool because they fly (not like bugs, bugs stay close to the ground). I've always wanted to catch a bird for a moment. Because I'm really weird.

    I had a strange dream last night, but now I forget it. Bleeh.

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