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Margaret (toxictokyo) wrote,
@ 2003-01-10 00:17:00
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    Current mood:drained
    Current music:taking back sunday-you know how i do

    getting too full for flesh....
    The past few weeks I've been checking out this site called madradhair.
    It is a place where people with rad hair show off what they got. Really goodlooking people for the most part.
    Great hairstyles, great eyebrows, amazing usage of the black eyeliner. You notice a lot of the girls have the same look: short, black, tossled hair...which is obvious since you have a lot of people with similar tastes. And hey short, black, tossled hair rules anyways. But then you have a smelly bunch. Girls and boys that swallowed one too many bitter pills. Complaining about some members not having cool hair, being ugly and fat, and well.... boring. The funny part of this is the ones that complain are the ones that look boring....with their un-interesting hair. Everyone has their own style, who are they to spit on someone just because they dont fit some mold of what is supposed to be 'cool'? I just hate people who 'diss' on someone else's style. *ha I just used dissed!*
    I guess I'm just aggravated because I wanted to join the club but I don't feel like putting up with demeaning remarks by high school kids.
    That probably didnt make too much sense, but bleh let it die.

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