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Blessed By Her Loathing (toughguyshawn) wrote,
@ 2004-01-10 01:56:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:"Needle In The Hay" -Elliot Smith-

    ...I'm Dying Inside...
    Fuck It All My Life Sucks, When I Think I'm Getting My Life Back Together It Fucking Hits A Low... And Everytime It Hits Low It Fucking Hits A Big Low... Nothing Can Be As Good As I Think It Is... When I Think It Over And Really Think About It, Its The Truth... And The Truth Hurts And Instead Of Dealing With It... I'm Just Gonna Run Away, Weather If I Die, Or Move Away From This Town... I Just Need To Leave Before I Get Hurt More Or End Up Hurting Others... Either Way Its A Lose/Lose Sitition... For The People That Truely Loved Me And Tried Helping Me Thanks Alot... You Guys Mean Alot To Me And I Know I Never Take Your Advice Searously But I Love You Guys... I'm Always Told My Self To Stop Jumping To Conclusion But I Know My Heart Is Right And What Happen Tonight Did Happen... I Know I Started Doing Drugs But I Did The Other Day Promise Myself To Quit For The Best... And I Did... And I Think It Is The Best If I Promise Myself To Never Love Again... Sorry... I'm Gonna Spend The Night Over Chris's And Maybe Try To Work Things Out, But I Doubt You Would Want To Work It Out... So I'm Off To Either Live With My Mom Or My Grandmother... I Tried My Hardest To Make You My World And Treat You Right But I Guess You Really Never Liked It...

    "You share to gain, but lose at love and learn to hate yourself."-Strong Arm-

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