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Sarah (torturetoy) wrote,
@ 2007-10-11 13:07:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:"Riot" by Three Days Grace

    Let's Start a Riot...A Riot...Let's Start a Riot.

    Inspiration: "Friends and Family" by Trik Turner.

    First off, let's start by giving you the lyrics that started this roll of creating writing:

    Cuz' lives pass above us in 747's
    Deceased dwell below us
    Before they go to heaven
    Everything in between will hassle me

    I'm thinking of writing a book/story about something like this. Heaven will be a Boeing 747 airplane (I've grown up around airplanes. I know my shit, so don't question me, bitch.) And the dead will be in a place that is dark, silent, and slightly crowded... Hmm.. I could just add this to the story I'm building right now.... Then people will living in the middle. There'll always be an airplane pass above when someone from the foreboding darkness will rise to heaven. It'll take on an airport feel to it. Hmm..I'm going to have to play around with that idea for a little bit, because I've no idea how I'm going to make that work effectively so my readers will understand and say, "She knows her shit. We shouldn't question her, bitch." ;)

    I'm a little more than excited because *hopefully* tomorrow, I'll get to be with the boy and we'll spend some much-needed time together. Everyone could use a little more time. :) My thighs itch, and all I could think about, while I relieve the stress, is how I wish I am pregnant.
    I pray to God, everyday, to give me a child. Please, Lord, bless me with a baby.

    I could go for some Taco Bell. I just had like... fifteen cookies, and my sugar level is through the roof. I need something to ease the ache of numb tonsils. I need.....a Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme.(TM) oh yes. I could go for one. :)

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