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Left at bay. (toribeth) wrote,
@ 2005-02-25 15:48:00
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    Current mood: crazy

    "Just eat it!"
    so what a lovely friday. i enjoyed it greatly. Had a two hour delay, then had the lamest classes, french and gym..yeah and we danced in gym so therefore i didn't have to waste any energy in changing my clothes. HOWEVER, i did have to dance with a girl pants wearing freak. haha but it was still fun, oh yeah we got the polka down. so then math we had a substitue, so we did nothing. then i had a test in chem, so i stayed for that, then mom got me out cause i was so extremely bored and had a "dentist" appt. haha. so i went to martins to get some fruit, and sheetz for a fejita? haha but it was still good. oh my goodness, i'm in such a wonderful mood, well when i don't think about having to go to work in about an hour. so i'm also having a really good hair day. which is definately worth writing in here, and i'm getting my hair done on the 14th which is also very exciting, cause then it leaves 2 weeks till florida. I'm talking to chris right now, and he's gonna take me to go pick out a baby chick cause they got them in at his work, and he's in charge of them so we're gonna pick one out. I"m so excited.

    So try-outs for colorguard are tomorrow. I also am thinking about putting in my two weeks notice in at work tomorrow. I just can't handle it anymore. i need a new job. I need to go down to see leesha this weekend too. I need to catch up on soooooo much. Everything for the beach is in the works, i'm sooo exciting. I think i've said i'm soooo excited like 2093874987 million times in one entry. I really need to go..ahhh.. not enough time.

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