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Emma D! or *katja *spunky/spanky *daisy *kristi (tootsiepop473) wrote,
@ 2004-08-09 08:36:00
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    Current mood: exanimate

    today my horoscope says have fun and play hooky... hmm how can i do that?! eh well last night was cool talked to crystal on the tellyphone til like eleven fascinating fun conversation.... frog spawn... new school organization... govt.... fondly recalling C++ and WH2 from freshmen year... chair spinning addict... spooky night time wierdness... and the IB SECRET!!! somethin bads gonna happen we know it... anyway fun stuff then this mornin got up 645 and worked it out with denise today we targeted mostly abs and thighs ... and crystal told me how siddiqis VP now... and everyones pissed off which is understandable for them cuz he suspended people left and right last year... but im insanely happy about it i mean he can get us through to the top and seriously help us... the more power he has the better! so yay! and after some breakfast im just chillin here gonna work on some govt. soon.... and planning! now i was thinking i wanna see a movie but which one princess diaries 2 or notebook or lil black book? ppl vote on which will be better! ok cough well yeah i need to practice me some hockey i really havent and i need top bad because if a lot of ppl show up ew that would not be fun. well meena someone what time does practice start? im out for now ttyl <3 ps wat the heck does examinate mean?! examination... eh its summer who cares not me *

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