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Emma D! or *katja *spunky/spanky *daisy *kristi (tootsiepop473) wrote,
@ 2004-06-14 11:51:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    uno mehr tag! uno mehr!
    ¡Oh mi gosh! ¡Ahora soy en la biblioteca... y era hoy manera totalmente hilarante y diversión justa de terminar salud y la programación de este año!

    exam was super dee duper easy then teena taught me how to do mind reading game... awesome stuff! and me n spaz made nametags for the s dogz... were bout to be famous lol!
    OMG this was .. soo frikkin hilarious and omg ok so me crystal and edgar all sit down and we take out our study guides for the exam today to cram and compare rite and edgar has his marked with true or false on the front page and so me n crystal start freakin out how we thought everything was true and we studied wrong (if we studied at all!) and omg twas horrible so then he goes oh wait i haf a different one and then we realized last class he has taken the EXAM!!! OMG we started all like crying and screaming WE HAD THE EXAM omg we were flippin out so then i copied the answers that edgar had on a sticky note (trusty lil buggers) and put that inbtwn my two shirts haha gettin hot in here eh? so yeah i did well lol it was quite a class then we played that game with carlos and the rest of em ach mein gott er ist die SEXIEST and i decided that i will find out who the guys are and i personally will fucking kill them so that carlos can go to YADAPP i will die for it!!! we got the forms looks fantastic! ok g2g now bye bye maybe gas station who knows

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