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Tony (tonytone) wrote,
@ 2003-03-02 22:23:00
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    Current mood: lethargic

    Fretting another Monday
    Well, I promised ya I would start posting some pics and stories about my trip to Thailand, but I just haven't had time. I'll post them as soon as I can. I promise!! In the mean time, I spend my last free weekend day outdoors. Drove to San Francisco and had a relaxing time at the piers. Gorged myself on chocolate covered frozen bananas, calamari salad, and a diet coke. Mmmm great combination. :)

    Then back to my depression of knowing I'll have to go back to my dang job. I hate my stupid-assed job. It's pointless. I don't even like the people there...and I'm sure some of these guys don't like me either. But I need to stick with it until I find some better. I just better get off my lazy ass and really start sending our resumes. I'm just soooooo lazy.

    My dream jobs?...I'd love to work at an airport. San Francisco International would be cool, either as a Customs Agent or even ticket counter, but these don't pay that much. I've even thought about being a pilot. That would so cool.

    Looks like Bush Jr. will soon be sending us to war. My brother's in the Army and I'm not even sure if he's deployed yet. I just emailed him to see if he's still in the US. I'm sure he'll be fine wherever he is. I told him to think of it as a vacation. Hopefully, he'll go to the Middle East, Saddam has a heart attack, drops dead, and my brother comes back with whole bunch of pictures of his "sandy beach" vacation. Woo hoo for him!!

    Anyway, it's time for bed...not that I sleep much...thinking of the inevitable few hours from now when I'll have to go to my dastardly job.

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