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. I n n o c e n c e . (tonkpils_666) wrote,
@ 2006-05-29 22:54:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:no doubt-new

    long time
    he came back n i was drunk when i first saw him at 7 in the morning at school......bottom line i ran away n when i saw him i was too stunned for words i gave him a hug said whats up n shit n then just kinda left. next few days hed always try to say hi to me n shit but i always walked away madd fast or like just said two words to him. so now its wierd n i wanted him back so bad but now i dont cause ive come to the conclusion that he sucks n no guy is ever worth what i went through all the pain n the tears fuck that he wasnt even a big par of my life. even thugh he like was but now im just a really unhappy person n i hate one of my friends cause she made me into such a bitch. like last summer i was the sweetest fuckin person that u could ever meet. n now im just a quiet bitch i dont like n e one n e more n i hate guys n what they've dont to me.! end of story peace.

    my mom is a fuckin wreck right now n its so unbaleavible all the shit we have to go through everyday me n my family just cause we cant all live eachpther. i think shes gonna die soon. i said some really fucked up things that i didnt really mean to yesterday n i made her sickly depressed for two days. god i swear to you and grandmas i swear to all of u that i will never ever speak to my mother like that ever again...ive never felt lke the biggest pice of shit in the world.

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