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sekzi behbei (to0dles) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 16:07:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:You dont know my name - alicia keys

    hey well im back.. woo.. today at skool was kinda fun i guess.. i saw alan.. omg hes so hott.. i like him so much, i think he likes me but im not sure, hopefully he does.. he was looking at me today and then danny started saying all this shyt like how he hated me or w/e and im like danny shut the fuck up thts so gay and hes like ok whatever n yeah.. lol.. god everyone wants me to go out with greg but i dont know if i want to considering i like alan.. o well ill have to think about it.. woo tomorrow is a no 1 and tht is so cool.. i dont have to see mrs gaillard for 6 days!!! lol.. damn i have a math project to do and its due tomorrow and argh i dont understand it but w/e.. man kelsey told me alan asked her for my sn but i dont know if she was telling the truth or not.. i hope she was cuz tht wuld be so fuckin awesome! hmm well im leaving wednesday so i wont get to see alan til friday afternoon :-( but its ok.. the camping trip is gona kick ass.. NO! i wont have my compu (toodles time) for like 3 days.. i dont think im going to make it.. lol.. ewwy i think noam likes me.. he kept like hitting my leg and stuff on the bus and he was like o whats ur sn i wana IM u and im like uhh ok.. lol.. god guys are so confusing.. o well.. man everyone keeps telling me tht alan is an ass and i shouldnt waste my time but i really like him and i think its worth it, i just wana find out what he thinks of me already.. im going to go crazy.. lol.. damn it we have to swim tomorrow.. i really dont wana swim.. o well.. great i have a book report due on monday and i just bit the fucking inside of my mouth and it hurts like a bitch! ok well ne ways.. i dont know what else to write.. i think ima go lay down for a little while since i got like 3 hrs of sleep last night.. lol.. ill write back later.. FIN!

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