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Trudy Lynn (tlynnp) wrote,
@ 2002-12-04 21:16:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:nothin'...

    A good day?...hmmm.. somethings wrong here...
    I've sat here and thought about every bill I have and now I'm worried. Whats the use in worrying about it all? I will pay what I can pay and to hell with the rest until next payday. Thats all I can do right now. Such is life.

    I did spend $20.00 today that I shouldn't have......on a guinea pig, of all things. I love animals. I saw him at the pet store, and he said, "Hey, Babe...bust me outta this joint!" So I did. Hes very tame, a pretty brown color and not very old. My sister used to have guinea pigs, and one bit me so after that I didn't care for them much. But this one, I like. I'm not sure what he is going to be called, but thus far I have referred to him as "Bubba Pig". lol I brought him home and fixed up his cage, and then went to clean out the hamster ("Hamlet") and found that he had escaped sometime while I was gone. He is still loose in the house. He's done this twice before and I've found him fairly quickly. Usually he hides until night time and then comes out when he hears me rummaging around. I set his food and water out for him in case he needs it and I don't see him to catch him.

    They are calling for 8 to 10 inches of snow tonight. I hate to think of that. Winter is depressing to me.

    I watched a woman at the mall make hand dipped candles today. She dipped the candle over and over and over, in different colors of wax to make different colored layers. Then she took a knife-like tool and carved strips out of the wax which she twisted and twirled and made a really beautiful fancy candle out of it. She made it look so easy, and finished it fairly quickly. Those sorts of candles were selling for 15 to 20 bucks. Wow. I was impressed. Wish I had that talent. I'd like to try it.

    I also watched the long haired dude at the air brush store paint some frat stuff on a big wooden paddle. He is extremely talented. I could really fall for a guy like that. :)

    Lets see.... I guess thats about it. We ate at Ryan's steak house which is the best place on Earth to eat. I ate too much, of course, but oh well. Today was a day that Mark and I really got along well. Tomorrow we will probably murder each other, but today was good. Today is a day that I love him and don't want to leave him. I know it can't last though. I'm still all confused about what to do with my life. Carla is still acting sort of cold towards me and I found out why. She was badmouthing Mark like she does all the time. I had said, "Why don't you two just beat each other up and get it over with?" I had said it jokingly, but she got offended. Its been like three days since I said that, and just found out last night that is why she is peed off at me. She said she can't voice her opinion now. I think she is suffering from PMS at the moment. She'll get over it. Soon, I hope.

    Anyway, such is my life at this moment. I hope yours is better than mine.. lol

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