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Tina (tina3911) wrote,
@ 2004-08-03 14:58:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:pretty girl -sugarcult

    here's some funny convos and stuff...

    JE drummer 04: im livin the army life i guess
    ^^haha kyle is so cool^^

    Timespliters04: wow you really get out dont you
    ^^i have to life...durr^^

    cat is electric: you're the coolest person I know, Tina :-)
    ^^:-D cat is so cool...i <33 her^^

    JE drummer 04: how many cookies wld u give me to wlk to goshen right now
    Tina3911: idk if i have any cookies
    JE drummer 04: o well then i guess i wont be goin to ur house today
    Tina3911: mann,
    JE drummer 04: yea bumer
    Tina3911: wait, maybe i do
    JE drummer 04: o
    Tina3911: *goes and checks*
    JE drummer 04: r they uh oh orios
    JE drummer 04: i like them the best
    Tina3911: no :-(
    JE drummer 04: o
    Tina3911: chips ahoy :-)
    JE drummer 04: o very good
    JE drummer 04: how many
    Tina3911: um, like 5
    JE drummer 04: ill have to pay for gas remeber
    JE drummer 04: im not sure tht migh get me bac to onroe than i still need to get to goshen
    Tina3911: haha, oh yeah the gas stations accept cookies, but if you are walking then you wont need as much :-)
    JE drummer 04: monroe*
    Tina3911: go make some cookies then you will have enough
    JE drummer 04: yea i will thtll be my gas
    Tina3911: okay :-)
    JE drummer 04: true i can do tht but they might not taste as good as chips ahoyy!!
    Tina3911: haha,
    JE drummer 04: its wierd we zcan have a conversation like this
    JE drummer 04: ll
    JE drummer 04: lol
    Tina3911: yeah, i know...we are just so cool
    JE drummer 04: i noe right too kool to have a real conversation
    Tina3911: yeah, we have to make plans that will never happen :-)
    Tina3911: or will they...
    JE drummer 04: idk
    Tina3911: haha
    JE drummer 04: um lets take a trip t o amrs and prove tht it is poosible
    JE drummer 04: mars**
    Tina3911: allright, we are going to mars
    Tina3911: :-D
    JE drummer 04: kool
    JE drummer 04: when
    Tina3911: hey i think thats where i was born
    JE drummer 04: u prob. were
    Tina3911: no, wait wait i was born in nyack =-O
    Tina3911: haha, well lets see...we should go, um i dunno
    JE drummer 04: yea nyack mars or maybve ur parents tl u nyack to make u fell accepted
    Tina3911: maybe, but i dont think so...i mix up mars and new york a lot :-P
    JE drummer 04: maybe we sld leave tonight so we can get there tomarrow morning and be able to have the whole day to explore
    JE drummer 04: lol
    Tina3911: haha, allright and we can bring back everyone some mars rocks
    Tina3911: for souveniers
    JE drummer 04: yea good idea
    ^^me and kyle are just to cool for all of you!, well...maybe just some of you ;-)^^

    JE drummer 04: brb
    Tina3911: okay
    JE drummer 04: dnt make a move
    Tina3911: i wont i swear
    JE drummer 04: ok
    JE drummer 04: im bac
    JE drummer 04: did u move good
    JE drummer 04: i meen at all*
    JE drummer 04: lol
    Tina3911: i didnt move
    JE drummer 04: ok
    Tina3911: not at all
    JE drummer 04: good
    Tina3911: exept i did breathe a few times,
    Tina3911: im sorry :-\
    JE drummer 04: if u did i wld have to wlk ovr there and tell u whos boss
    JE drummer 04: u did wut??
    JE drummer 04: breathing is not acceptable
    Tina3911: :-(
    JE drummer 04: unless of course ur name is tina
    Tina3911: allright
    JE drummer 04: than there r sum aceptions
    Tina3911: :-)
    Tina3911: im special
    Tina3911: :-D
    JE drummer 04: yup
    ^^yepp, we are definatly too cool :-D^^
    **special kyle and special tina**

    haha, well thats it i think...yeah

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