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Heather Michelle (timid_bohemian) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 22:06:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:"Low" Kelly Clarkson. (I like it!)

    A Timid Bohemian's Relief
    Hey guys,
    I know I have a diary at diaryland but I want something new. Personally I wanted a journal from the beginning. This is where I have finally decided to end the search for a journal. It's what I found and it's now what I'm using. So that's an explanation of how I came to blurty but what about the name. And my first topic for my journal as described in the subject line. Ok, well. Here goes. I guess I can give it a shot.

    I am the timid bohemian. Timid meaning two things:
    Lacking self-confidence; shy.
    Fearful and hesitant: problems that call for bold, not timid, responses.
    and bohemian meaning:
    A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

    More reasoning to my name. I am a Renthead. This means that I am a devoted fanatic of the broadway musical RENT By Jonathen Larson. RENT was derived from Larson's imagination and lifestyle mixed with a little opera La Boheme By Giacomo Puccini. Though the stories do not match totally both pieces are truly works of a talented artist. I am devoted to these pieces and am an artist (musician) myself. Also. I am shy. Too shy. I will not show my talent unless I really really want to. Or if you give me a song tell me to learn it and sing it for a grade. But only one person has the power to do that and that's my chorus director. Timid Bohemian is my name. And speaking out and telling how I feel on issues in my life. I tell the truth and therefore my statements are bold. If it hurts I'm sorry I'm just telling the truth so get over it.

    Ok, now to the topic of today. My, the timid bohemian's, relief. I have been waiting to let go and have fun. Talk to my friend who lost my number. Well right as I started to completely doubt our friendship....he signed online. He told me he lost my number. I guess it's kewl because at least he admits it and apologizes. I guess it's partially my fault to though. I mean, seriously, I have his number memorized in my head and have yet to call and say hi. Well anyway. My relief came when we talked. Just like old times he made me feel like everything was going to be alright. I mean really made me feel good about my life. I know I have other friends, but I'm not one to put an effort into telling them exactly how I feel. They say "what's up?" I say nm. and they listen nothing more is said. I talk to him and he says "care to vent?" I love that. He listens. He doesn't put me through the typical high school drama. Of course he's not in high school anymore but still. I believe everyone gets the point. Anyways. It felt really good talking to him. And, I also went and had fun today.

    I went to school today and helped Nult out. I got there at 7:30. Then I waited for the Pepsi man to come so we could stock the room for the summer school selling. After that we cleaned the room by dusting everything, cleaning the chalkboard, replacing ceiling tiles, and vaccuming. It took a loong time but the room really does look somewhat decent. Also, after Shaina and I left school we went thrifting! I looove thrifting. We went with her really kewl friend Sarah and her mom and sister. It was lots of fun. Oh, also today I got my friend something because I thought of him and got it. After thrifting for a while we went to Taco Bell and had lunch and from there... even more thriftin!! Yay!!! Ok. Then I came home around 5. My sister-in-law really wanted to go see this movie so we did. And I guess, that's just about it. Well we saw FJ2K. And, we liked it so much we went directly to WAL-MART and bought the CD. It was awesome. Well now I'm sitting here online. Tired as ever and eyelids getting heavy. I think I may take a lil sleep in now. I have to work tomorrow night. Anyone wanna come and see me? Please?. Oh well. I better go. I'm tired.

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