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Justin Fucking Timberlake (timbafuck_me) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 14:09:00
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    Current mood:crappy
    Current music:Someone To Luv You-Ruff Endz

    Long update,I think. >:oP
    - He tosses and turns in his bed on the bus,trying to get comfortable.He realized that its almost impossible to do so. He sits up tiredly,rubbing his eyes and gets up,looking at the empty bottles of pills and shakes his head in disappointment of himself . He walks to the front of the bus,noticing we reached our destination and finds no one on the bus and he sighs to himself,and he goes into where he usually puts his clothes,and gets out some casual jeans and a shirt and some boxers,and walks to the small shower on the bus,and gets into it,letting the warm water hit his body,he sighs of some relief. Relief to be alone,and no one to bother him,or so he thought . He hears the bodyguards yell for him to get off the bus and do a soundcheck. - " JT! ! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE ! WE NEED TO DO SOUND CHECK! " - He sighs and ignores the bodyguard and goes back to his showering. He finishes up 20 minutes later and gets into his clothes and walks off the bus after putting dedorant and cologne on and making sure he looks fine for all of the Press that he knows will be there. He gets off the bus,waving at the flashing camera's ,he gets escorted by his well known bodyguard into the soundcheck area,he notices Christina on stage rehearsing a bit ,so he decides to go in his dressing room to update .. -

    - He gets to his laptop and he looks at the door,making sure it's closed and he goes to his journal and starts updating-

    Dude..what can I say?I fucked up.I make last update obviously didn't go through to people.The only time when they fucking pay attention is when I DO SOMETHING WRONG. - Rolls eyes some - I'm a bad person in a relationship.Ask Trace. I cheated on him. I treated him badly,and yet..HE STILL LOVES ME. -He shakes his head and holds back his tears again -I'm sorry,Trace.I Really am..
    I just..relationships for me are bad..and I think a certain someone should be reading this..all I do is hurt people..and it's not fair to them. - Sighs - Sometimes I wonder if I even deserved Britney all of those years,and than Alyssa came along,and taught me to go on late night fast food rides with her on scooters and shit. -Laughs-
    She's one of a kind. Than Jessi.. She's a great girl,she welcomed me when I got here with open arms,and I was awe of her..not just of her,but her beauty too...Than she had some relationship problems and I even told her I liked her,but again,I guess it wasn't meant to be...Than Trace came along - shakes head - He's so great.My best friend,my..ex everything. I hurt HIM .. I know what he's going through. I really do...Shit,I went through it myself. . Than Shauna came along with her interviewin-lovin life- self. -Laughs- God..she treats me like a guy who lives next to her,she treats me like an ordinary person.I love it.I love the way she smiles at me and knows that i'm a regular 22 year old person deep down inside.I told her,if she left,she's taking my sanity with her.-Laughs-So she's staying..Which is such a good thing. She really is someone who I can be in a relationship with..But I promised Trace,I will not get in a relat-... - Has Samara's words echo in his mind You need to do whats you,and get what you want for once - Shakes his head to get her voice out of his head - Anyway. . I think there calling me back out to do some interviews or some shit. .

    - He sighs again and looks over at the empty room and wonders why it's suddenly cold and presses update and gets up,walking out of the door as he wonders . . -

    " I took so many damn pills...Why didn't they work?Unfortuantly..I'm still up "

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